In modern times, owning a designer bag is a form of luxury. There are people who don’t settle for the ordinary because of their rich taste in fashion and that’s where luxury fashion comes in. In fact, it is a long-term investment for your wardrobe as the durability and companionship of luxury designer bags usually are top-class. This brings us to Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag which is the ultimate crossbody bag every fashion person loves to carry with them. Due to the intricate design and amazing build and colorful straps, the snapshot Bag is one of the hit styles from Marc Jacobs. The collection of Marc Jacobs crossbody bags has many different varieties of unique pattern, design, color, and finish. Let us take a look at 7 Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bags that are a hit this year.

Purple Colorblock Snapshot Small Crossbody Bag

This bag is for those who like to add a pop of color to their everyday outfits. The color block snapshot bag has striking colors on the body to help you to shine a spotlight on your style. The bag is crafted in high-grade leather material that provides extra durability. The best part about this Marc Jacobs snapshot bag is the adjustable webbing straps in multicolor with texture all over to give it the finest finish. Consisting of two compartments with a zipper closure the bag is spacious enough to keep all your essentials. Featuring an inverted double J emblem in gold details, this Marc Jacobs crossbody bag is a vibe for people who are into small yet elegant-looking bags.

Dark Green Peanuts Snapshot Small Crossbody Bag

This dark green snapshot bag from Marc Jacobs is a collaboration with Peanuts Cartoon. It is crafted in a high-grade leather material with a quirky and playful design of Peanuts all over the body making it look very appealing to the eyes. The bag has a zip-around closure with an open slip pocket at the back of the bag. The strap of the bag has the name Snoopy written on top of it which is a character from the famous kid’s cartoon accompanied by the brand name. The double J emblem hardware comes in silver color in this one which makes it look very stylish and chic. This Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag can be your best companion if you love cartoon characters.

Blue Watercolor Snapshot Small Crossbody Bag

This gorgeous Marc Jacobs crossbody bag will definitely impress anyone without a doubt. It is made with high-quality Saffiano leather that gives it a good build and strength. The bag comes with adjustable and detachable straps in a striking blue shade making the wearer look exemplary and exquisite. The tie-dye print on the bag will undoubtedly wow any individual it meets. The bag has 2 compartments with zip-around closures and an open slip pocket at the back of the bag. The double metal J emblem makes the snapshot bag appear even more aesthetic and luxe. Redefine your style with a pop of color wherever you go with this amazing statement piece.

French Gray Snapshot Small Crossbody Bag

This statement bag is one of the classic pieces from Marc Jacobs. If you want to rock your casual outfits or business looks, then this Marc Jacobs snapshot bag is for you. It comes in a neutral color which goes well with every outfit. The bag is made up of high-quality Saffiano leather which makes it strong, tough, and durable. The gold embellished double J logo makes the bag stand out. It has 2 zipper compartments followed by an open slip pocket at the back which leads to more space. The strap has an interesting glitter-striped design with the brand name on it. Add bling to any outfit by just simply pairing this classic bag.

Light Blue Fluoro Edge Small Crossbody Bag

This iconic Marc Jacobs snapshot bag from the brand Marc Jacobs crossbody bag collection is a popular pick among the youth. Due to its exquisite design and gradient shade of white and light blue, it immediately grabs attention. It is made with top-quality leather material which gives it extra durability. This snapshot bag features a textured strap in blue. The straps are adjustable and detachable. The bag features a logo plaque with gold hardware detailing all over the bag. This also has 2 zipper fastening compartments with one open slip pocket at the back of the bag to give extra space. Pair this bag with a white outfit and you are all set for your brunch date.

Black Snapshot Mini Crossbody Bag

Add glam to your party attire with this enchanting Marc Jacobs snapshot bag. This bag is the perfect example of perfection as the finish of this bag is flawless. It is crafted with high-grade leather material which prevents it from wear and tear. What’s unique about this bag is that it does not have a normal thick webbed strap but instead, a thin leather strap which makes it appear sleeker. It likewise comes with chain link straps with which you turn this Marc Jacobs crossbody bag into a shoulder bag. Isn’t it amazing? Indeed yes! The double J emblem has a stunning silver chain design inside the hardware on the front. As usual, the bag comes with 2 zipper fastening compartments with one open slip pocket at the back. The Black mini Marc Jacobs snapshot bag matches every outfit and additionally makes you look luxe and elegant.

Peach Plush Snapshot Small Crossbody Bag

Take your look from 0 to 100 real quick with this absolutely beautiful bag from Marc Jacobs. This Marc Jacobs crossbody bag is crafted in top-class quality polyester material with faux-fur detailing all over the body. This bag also comes with a chain-linked strap to make it a shoulder bag. This makes the bag a versatile choice as it can be worn in two different ways. The double J emblem on the front has crystals embedded in it which give it a very luxurious look when paired with your outfits. The strap of the bag is in solid peach color which can be adjusted and detached as per your preference. This Marc Jacobs snapshot bag can rock your party looks in just a second.