Have you ever watched a movie and thought about things that an ordinary movie goer doesn’t see? If your thoughts take the shape of ‘what equipment must he have used to take that shot?’ or ‘that is his trademark. He does this in every movie’, then film making is your recluse.

If your focus is more on how the film has been shot and the locations are shown more than the lead actors, you will find a deserving place at a film making institute in Delhi.

Why choose Delhi?


Delhi might not be where Bollywood is but the number of races, castes and religions make it a hot pot of melting diversity, so alive yet so subdued, so loud yet at times quiet and serene. If you want a piece of your heart in a film, there’s nowhere quite like Delhi to start.

Editing courses

 Editing is one of the most important parts of the process of filmmaking. You can make a movie and shoot things but it’s not possible to incorporate all of it. You need to make planned cuts and decisions and add only those things that can keep the film together and at the same time, you have to make sure that it is cumulative and is in a particular order. For this, an editor is required. It’s a highly specialized and a well-paid field and there are various editing course in Delhi to suit your needs and requirements.

Why should you choose filmmaking as a career?

 Film making is an art and when it comes alive on screen it’s nothing short of a magical, breath taking experience. People live their fantasies through movies and film makers allow them to do so. They create the perfect man that women yearn for, the perfect superhero children aspire to be, the perfect suspense and thrill, movie goers can reminisce over.

What do these courses teach you?

The film making courses teach you the difference between a documentary and a film and how to shoot for both. They offer digital film making courses so that you can get a hands-on experience. Nowadays film making institutes are giving in-house internships so that the students not only learn the theory but apply it in a practical scenario.

They teach you creativity. Concept development is an integral part of film making and is ingrained in every student along with teaching them nuances about marketing and management. They don’t teach in watertight compartments where one thing is entirely closed to the other. They allow students to take part in film festivals and organize one if they have the resources. These student film festivals can showcase a wide variety of films made by film making enthusiasts in India and give them the kind of exposure they need. People can recognize their work and hire them and in turn, they understand their flaws and take home important pointers that they noticed in other movies. It’s an amalgamation of cultures, perspectives, and joy.

Film making is an art and if changing people to suit different roles and having a control over everything that surrounds them is something you absolutely love, then film making is your cup of tea.