A factory audit is one of the most important steps if you want to import from China.

Many times, putting yourself in the hands of a Chinese supplier generates a certain distrust, given the cultural and language barrier that exists with our country.

This type of barrier prevents us from managing the import process the way we would like. For example, how do we know if he really is a manufacturer and not just an intermediary, all he does is raise the cost of the goods? If you haven’t thought about this yet, you should.

Another very important question is to know if the quality process in the manufacture of the merchandise is the agreed one or not. Many problems derived from the importation of products can be due to manufacturing errors.

How to know that the instructions given and agreed have been followed? It is another fundamental point for imports to be a success.

The most opportune thing is to carry out an audit of the China Quality Inspection. In this way, we will be able to know, first hand, who is behind the manufacture of the goods.

Benefits of a China Quality Inspection:

Among the many tasks of auditing a factory in China, we can find the following:

– Verify that the manufacturer is the supplier of the customer’s merchandise.

– Witness the quality and management criteria.

– Check the suitability of the facilities, as well as the capacity and qualification of the workers responsible for manufacturing the merchandise.

– Check that the manufacturing process is adequate and in accordance with what has been agreed with the client.

Carrying out all these tasks within a China quality inspection is not an easy task. As we have previously explained, there is a cultural and language barrier that means that these types of reviews, like the negotiation processes, must be attended by people who are experts in Chinese trade.

How to do a factory audit?

At KRT Inspect, we are experts in factory auditing in China. We check “on-site” if the contracted supplier really corresponds to a manufacturer. And not an intermediary.

To do this, we follow a strict information collection and control process that certifies the customer’s confidence in the supplier. All this, through conclusive documents of this audit.

First, our workers visit the factory in person: Through this inspection, we can see what the facilities are like. In the same way, this supervision is not simply ocular.

We deal directly with those responsible who will carry out the manufacture of our client’s merchandise and we inform ourselves of the entire process until the completion of the product. After this, we confirm whether the information issued by the supplier’s client corresponds to reality.

During this inspection, we took photographs and videos of the factory. Obviously, this process is subject to industrial secrecy, so it is not possible to carry out these documents in all cases.

Finally, a report is issued to the client with all the details of the factory audit, so that they know first-hand who they have placed their trust in.