It’s instinctive to have a bit of insecurity and self-doubt about your height, and intermittently wishing you were taller. Petite women sometimes go for cheats such as wearing high heels to look a bit taller than normal. Well, high heels are undoubtedly an excellent way to get a taller physique.

Aside from that, there are several wardrobe tweaks that you can do to achieve a taller look. These optical illusions and brilliant fashion tricks will certainly make you look high in stature than what your DNA has prescribed.

Though we are all for accepting our bodies, regardless of what we look, we understand that most of the time, petite women do want to look taller in special occasions. If you already follow some shopping tips, its fine. Otherwise, for a little help, check out the list below on how to look leaner and taller.

Wear Flared Jeans

Wearing well-fitting jeans with a well-defined flare at the bottom make the illusion of a longer leg, most especially when it’s hem touches the top of your footwear. The key to pulling off such jeans is to keep the fit of the trousers ultra-slim throughout the leg and ensure that the waistbands touch your natural waist.

Wearing such jeans will draw more attention to your legs, making your bottom half look leaner and longer. However, keep in mind in ensuring that flare jeans don’t drag or yank on the floor because this can make you appear shorter instead of looking taller.

Wear Form-fitting Dresses and High-waisted Pants/Skirts

Wearing form-fitting dresses and high-waisted pants or skirts is key to looking a bit taller than normal. If you love wearing dresses, think about dresses that fit your waist. By doing so, it will make your body appear tall and dignified, extending your overall frame.

Steer clear of dresses that are too loose and too long because they can make you seem like you are sinking into them, emphasizing your real height. Overall, it will be best to go for a dress that is inches at the waist and avoid ill-fitting maxi dresses.

Similarly, opt for high-waisted skirts or pants. Wearing such will help you make your legs seem leaner and longer, lengthening your overall figure. When choosing skirts or pants, go for ones that you can zip or button up at the waist.

Keep in mind that pants or skirts that fall at your hips are less likely to stretch your physique. But if you’re having a hard time looking for high-waisted clothing, go for vintage styles because most of them tend to have higher waists.

Wear V-necks

As for the tops, wear V-necks at whatever time possible. This type of garment works well by adding more height and stretching out your overall frame. As such, always be in pursuance for v-necks when hitting the mall or search on any online stores such as Deal Wiki.

For instance, opt for a v-neck shirt with high-waisted, flared jeans. And when it comes to wearing a button down t-shirt, opt to leave one or two buttons open and tuck the edges of the shirt to form a v-neck.

Wear Scarves/Hats and a Slim Belt

If you want to draw more attention upward, specifically to your face, it can make you seem taller than normal by creating balance on your top and pants. Consider wrapping a scarf around your neck or wearing a hat.

Make sure that you choose items that flatter your facial characteristics such as your eye color. By doing so, you can direct the attention towards your face. For instance, if you have brown eyes, pick a hat or scarf in a brown shade.

On the other hand, try wearing a slim belt. Know that belts can, for the most part, excellent to cinch dresses, skirts, or pants at the waist, making your bottom half look more defined and longers.

To get best results, try wearing a slimmer belt. Keep in mind that belts that are bulky and big will only make your physique look shorter and smaller in comparison. So, if you are wearing a dress that is a bit looser around your waist, cinch it around the middle with a slim belt.

Wear Clothes in One Color

Going for a monochromatic look or matching all your tones is an excellent way to add height to your look. No matter what accessories you wear, be sure to keep them in one tone as your outfit.

Keep in mind that going for a monochromatic look generates one solid line for other people’s eye to pick up. For instance, if you are wearing black dress pants and black sweater, be sure to pair it with a black scarf, hat, or belt.


It’s understandable why most petite women want to look taller sometimes. It’ll not only boost their confidence, but it’ll also make them feel better about themselves. If you are on the shorter side, worry not. There are plenty of ways for which you can do to look taller. Read the guide above to know more.