Robotics and automation are two terms that go hand in hand. Many companies wonder whether to invest in automation or robotics because they don’t really understand the two terms well. Automation is an important topic in a lot of industries now. This blog post breaks it down for you.


This is the process of using machines, computer software and other technology to run processes that would have been done by a human employee. There are numerous types of automation such as fully-virtual to fully-mechanical operations. We also have some mind-blowing complex automation and simple automation.


This is a branch of engineering and it incorporates many disciplines such as design, programs and use of robotic machines. Robotics is anything that involves robots.

The relationship

There is an obvious relationship between the two. We use robots to automate some operations such as manufacturing. A robotics and automation company may, however, do automation without using physical robots. There are also many robotics branches that are not related to automation

Software automation

This type of automation is very popular on the internet. This is the use of software to do operations that humans usually do. They perform processes using computer programs.

Robotic process automation

Most people think that this is the use of physical robots to automate processes. This is however not the case. Actually, robotic process automation has got nothing to do with physical robots. This is actually the use of software robots that are programmed to use programs the same way a human would. They are not 100 percent efficient but it is easier to integrate them into existing processes.

Robots that aren’t automated

Sometimes robotics and automation don’t go hand in hand. Some robots can operate without being controlled by a human but they are not used in automation. If the robots are not performing a specific task then it is not automation.