Who says you cannot use your kitchen cabinets anywhere else? Making space for storage and using high-quality Fabuwood cabinets can solve lots of your domestic problems. That is why feel free to utilize the garage space for kitchen cabinets. We all know a garage needs as much storage as a kitchen does. So, this article will highlight eight easy ways to use these kitchen cabinets.

Honestly, your garage interior does not matter. But, organizing the car essentials and hardware is a must to enhance the utility of your parking area. Therefore, you should make room for some storage cabinets to store your devices behind the closets. In this case, any kitchen or bath cabinets will work in your garage area. 

So, if you plan to create a storage solution for your garage, go on step by step. Depending on the space, apply these pointers to make it work in the best way:

  1. Mount upper fabuwood cabinets
  2. Use base cabinets for deep storage
  3. Go for open shelving
  4. Use unfinished cabinets
  5. Make sure there is space for car parking
  6. Level the upper cabinets to the ceiling
  7. Utilize the area under the stairs
  8. Go for wire shelving
  9. Use canvas storage bags
  10. DIY to save some money

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  • Mount upper fabuwood cabinets:

The process of installing fabuwood cabinets in a garage is the same as kitchen cabinets. For starters, hang the upper cabinets by marking both the base and tall cabinets. So, use studs to mount the cabinet boxes on the wall and attach the doors afterward. In this way, you can use these upper cabinets to store hardware or other devices. Moreover, you may leave these cabinets open to deal with humidity.

  • Use base cabinets for deep storage:

Base cabinets offer many benefits, either in the kitchen or in the garage. For deep inner storage, attach base cabinets to the wall by keeping the distance between upper cabinets. In addition, keep large items like spare parts in them. And use drawers to keep fasteners and other metal hardware. Also, place a worktop on the top of the base cabinets to increase the area’s usefulness.

  • Go for open shelving:

Do you have wall space? Then go for open shelving. These shelves work everywhere: in kitchens, bathrooms, dining areas, and garages. You can never go wrong with these wood open shelves as you can keep small tools, grease, or polish on them. But, make sure to keep them away from your children. 

  • Use unfinished cabinets:

Another easy way is to use unfinished cabinets. Sometimes, it is pointless to put so much effort into your garage interior. Well, it is your choice on the whole. But, it is convenient to use unfinished cabinets in the parking area. However, if you are concerned about humidity and weather conditions, apply the wearable finish to protect them from rotting.

  • Make sure there is space for car parking:

On top of everything, make sure to leave ample space for parking cars and bikes. Keep in mind that cabinets are of no use if they block the parking space. So, before starting anything, take accurate measurements to leave the parking space. 

  • Level the upper cabinets to the ceiling:

If you have perfect wall space, go for tall cabinets. In general, tall cabinets work better than upper cabinets in garages. That is why use tall cabinets up to the ceiling to work like closets. Moreover, try to use window-striped cabinets to offer air passage. As a result, you can prevent the garage from smelling badly. 

  • Utilize the area under stairs:

Typically, most garages have stair passages in them. If you also have space under your staircase, use that to install any cabinets. Either put an old book rack or use wolf designer cabinets: both will work perfectly. The best way to utilize the parking area is to improve its storage. So, you can also use your old furniture in that area. 

  • Go for wire shelving:

Wire shelving is one of the most practical ways to improve your garage storage. So, hanging stable wall hangers can save some area for more parking. That is why you should use wire nails or hangers to mount your bike easily. It is inexpensive and practical as well. 

Moreover, wire racks can also save time and space. You can DIY wire racks and put all the toolboxes on them. In this way, you can organize your parking space most quickly. 

  •  Use canvas storage bags:

Save your bulky items in canvas storage bags. They are perfect for seasonal tools that you rarely use. Also, keep them away from kids’ reach and put them aside. 

  •  DIY to save some money:

Whether you are using old cabinets or fresh ones from the store, DIY is possible. Watch any DIY solution on the internet and follow the steps to install your garage cabinets. Hang the upper cabinets to the wall with the help of studs. Attach base cabinets to the wall by placing them on the ground. But first, mark the level of the cabinets, and then fix them with Panhead screws. In this way, you can save some bucks. 


The tip is to pick the suitable material for the garage storage cabinets. Keep the temperature, humidity, and ventilation in mind: and do not waste your time on old rotten cabinets as they will not last. Use movable carts or boxes for your ease. 

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When you plan your garage storage, there are many ways to use your fabuwood cabinets in that area. Consider the eight ways listed above to install upper, tall, and base cabinets while keeping room for car parking. Moreover, feel free to use unfinished cabinets that are in good condition. But, keep the level of cabinets in mind, and you are good to go. For quality cabinets, visit columbuscabinetscity.com