Prices of properties, even on any commercial real estate platform, more than doubled in mid-2009 from only a few years previously. And according to the National Association of REITs economists, the rise was not yet over then. They predicted the market staying strong till 2017 then, with increased demand for leasing and sustained momentum within the economy. But what obtains right now? The lesson here is that the real estate market, particularly the commercial properties niche, can be quite volatile. So, there are always opportunities to be had – but where can they be found? This article lists the latest ways through which you are apt to get your next exciting property investment.

1. Keep in touch with our connections

Take a page out of the old Girl’s Scout song about the importance of making new friends yet keeping old ones. You do not know when such old connections will pay off. You might have left your job at the real estate office many years ago. If you have remained in touch with your former colleagues through the years, should any of them stumble on any property that is a sure-fire deal, they will surely contact you, and you will surely end up with an investment opportunity that is quite great. When seeking an opportunity for an excellent investment, spread the word around your entire network of business connections, former colleagues, and friends. That is an excellent means of finding commercial properties for sale before they even get to the market and the first reason why you must never burn bridges with former colleagues.

2. Make new friends; you can hardly have enough

Never neglect your silver connections, though. Don’t stop adding to your networks, but be authentic and take time to get to know people. Connections are the means of finding great investment opportunities, and you can hardly ever have enough. Join a club, traders group, or professional association. Take people out for lunch and truly get to know and understand them. Volunteer to mentor those who are just starting in your industry. Become a guru in networking and help other professionals in building their connections. Also, do not stop in-person relationships. Real estate-related digital platforms are excellent places to meet fellow professionals.

3. Get to understand your way around the internet

Irrespective of the time you spend on pavements looking at physical locations, you will still need to hit digital streets even more. Online real estate platforms help you in locating investment opportunities you would not have found otherwise. When you join these online platforms, you are capable of tapping into other varying geographical locations, and knowing about projects even before they are finalized. They enable you to post your individual investment property needs and requirements. Utilizing technology is an excellent means of finding new great investment opportunities that you might not have known existed.

When the market for commercial properties is hot, finding excellent investment opportunities can become quite challenging. But if you use a trustworthy and reliable commercial real estate platform, build new excellent relationships, and mine your past connections and colleagues, you will still be able to find the greatest deals in the market.