There are different truck manufacturers in the market today. While some are already considered to be an institution in the industry because of the length of time that they have been producing big rigs, others are making their way through the market as new players in the field. Freightliner is one truck manufacturer that is considered to be part of the former, with years and years of experience in providing the best semi-trucks to consumers. This article lists down some of the things that you still probably don’t know about Freightliner semi-trucks.




One of the primary things that you may not know about Freightliner is that it is quite popular among truckers. In fact, it is dubbed as the most popular semi-truck manufacturer today. Rest assured that even with its popularity, when you search online sources, you are still most likely to find Freightliner semi trucks for sale at a very reasonable price. This means that even if there is a high demand for the big rigs from Freightliner, they still manage to maintain a cost-effective offering for truckers. This can be one of the reasons why this manufacturer is able to move out almost 200,000 trucks annually.




Another thing that you probably didn’t know about Freightliner trucks is that they are quite fuel-efficient. Contrary to what many people think that semi-trucks have a heavy consumption of fuel, Freightliner trucks have been continuously innovated to maximize then reduce fuel consumption through their aerodynamic features. For this reason, the big rigs from this manufacturer are known to help with the gas consumption of the drivers even when they are driving through the roughest terrains carrying significantly heavy loads.


Long-Lasting Engine


The engine of Freightliner trucks is also designed to be long-lasting. In fact, their engines can run for about a million miles. Compared to the engines of most cars which are only designed to run a couple of hundred miles, the engines of Freightliner trucks can withstand a million miles before they begin needing some serious servicing. Perhaps this can also be attributed to the fact that the engines of big rigs need to accommodate and transport heavy loads, shifting between several gears, which can even reach up to 18.


Another great trivia about semi-trucks from Freightliner is that they were primarily created to transport cars and other smaller vehicles. They were not intended to transport various other kinds of freights between different regions. Nevertheless, in this modern-day and age, semi-trucks have been essential in delivering different types of goods across countries and regions.




Freightliner semi-trucks are highly popular to various truckers, regardless of whether they are just starting out with their fleet or they have already been in the trucking industry for several years. The semi-trucks that they offer are also designed aerodynamically to reduce fuel consumption. Alongside this, the engines of Freightliner trucks are also designed to withstand the test of time. These are only some of the facts that you probably didn’t know about the big rigs from Freightliner.


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