Ask us what’s trending in modern days, the name will pop out “the forever sarees”. Yes, there is no doubt about the demand and popularity of this unstitched nine-yard drape. Saree being an ethnic wear of women in India never runs out from the trend. However, the style, design, colours, prints and more do change continuously. And this time, women have gone gaga since the experimented trends and fusions have started. From runways models to ordinary college girls, they all seem in love with the sarees. But while providing an elegant yet trendy look what’s make you collection most beautiful is traditional sarees.

No wonder, we Indian have many states and they have their own culture, traditions and ways of wearing sarees. So, presenting you some traditional sarees which are really high-on-meter, we hope you guys love to experiments with them.

Let’s Scroll Down Babes!

                   Bhagalpuri Saree 

The most famous Bhagalpuri saree arrives from Bhagalpur town which is situated in Bihar and known as Silk city also. Bhagalpuri sarees are highly comfortable and light weighted in nature. The weaving and dying technique of these sarees make them apart from regular art silk sarees. But what makes this saree more delightful is the floppy appearance and crispy fall. One can buy women sarees in Bhagalpuri silk fabric and stand out in the crowd pairing it with right blouse piece and accessories.

Kasavu Saree 


One of the best traditional saree among all, kasavu is also recognized as settu saree. This saree mostly comes in white shade but border colour changes due to modernity. Wearing this saree in festive occasions like Pongal, and someone’s wedding ceremony lends you class and sophistication. The perfect golden accessories and glossy makeup with red lips are what will make you wow.

Kalamkari Saree

Kalam word upholds (pen) and kari stands for (craftsmanship), means drawing with the pen. Thus, it named as Kalamkari.

This is one of the inspired and best-loved sarees which give a twist to vintage art. Kalamkari sarees are known for their hand-painting and block printed work.  These sarees are highly inspired by the mythology of Indians and always depict the designs and prints of antique statues, caves, national birds and more. Perfect for casual and partywear looks, a kamalkari saree when paired with stylish blouse piece and minimal accessories lends you an eye-catchy look.

Patola Saree

Hailing from Patan state in Gujarat, Patola usually created in silk fabric and features double ikat woven technique. It is said that this saree takes more than six months to be weaved due to the long process of dying. From vibrant to bold shades with eye-stroke printed works, wearing a multicoloured patola saree is what can help you while playing an attractive traditional girl.