Everyday a number of movies are released around the globe. While movie fanatics don’t care about the origin of the films, there is a need for movie review sites that can tell about the rating of a movie before you actually watch. Not having an review of rating of a movie seems daunting as you no one wants to spend two continuous hours watching some dull movie. Movie rating sites also make finding top producers and movies from around the world very easy. Here we are sharing 5 of the best movie reviews sites in 2019 that every film fanatic must visit daily.


Hoblist is the latest movie review and ranking website. The website features a huge catalogue of top class movies from around the world. The database is filled with original and genuine reviews about not only the most popular but also movies buried under loads of dust. So, you can easily find any movie review that you are going to watch in your free period. The basic business model of Hoblist is that viewers rate the movies based on their experience which is then shared to people looking for reviews about the same.

Rotten Tomatoes:

There are tens of thousands of sites that offer the same services, however only few are users choice. One of these sites is Rotten Tomatoes. The site is known for a very large pool of movies that are being reviewed by genuine and original audience. The ratings of the movies are divided into two categories as “Rotten” or “Fresh”. The one having good reviews and ratings is known to be fresh, while the one that fails to persuade the critics is called as rotten.


Another very popular review site that has gotten place in our rankings is IMDB. IMDB also known as Internet Movie Database is true to its name with having the ratings and reviews of the largest number of films. The site consists of huge database of films released across the globe. Also, the site is particularly famous for providing the most influential and unbiased movie reviews ever. Not only for films, IMDB reviews everything that is in motion pictures. Hence you can get a fair and unbiased review about everything right with a few clicks.


Flixster is another popular database of films, movies and motion pictures. It shows data from theater, DVD and also feature movie trailers that anyone would want to watch. To provide its visitors with original reviews, flixster provides reviews and ratings from the users itself. So, there’s no bias about the reviews that you are reading about the particular film. Flixster is available in both mobile platforms as an application, also you can access its database via website.

Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE):

As the name of the website suggests, it is a movie review website that is fairly similar to those of Hoblist, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. The website in particular has very large collection of reviews for almost every movie that is released anywhere in the world. The reviews are classified as either good or bad. Also, the website shows critics ratings so that you can know about the particular person if he is genuine in reviewing or not.