Christmas, festivals, a celebration, an occasion which brings only joy and happiness. Christmas does not bring the season of happiness but also, it brings your loved ones. A person comes home the whole year or not. But for Christmas, people come. Those people who never take off on Sunday. They take at least 2 days off from their office if it is open. Usually, all the offices, schools, and colleges are closed for Christmas. Okay, now tell me one thing, what are the first things that hit your mind when you think about Christmas. If you will ask me, four things hit in my mind. I am confused here which one I should say first. Okay, no problem I am telling you one by one. The first thing is the Christmas tree, the second one is cake, the third one is Santa Claus and last but not least gifts. I am sure, so many of you will agree with me. Okay, so here we will talk about the Christmas tree. I mean, I have to give you all some DIYs to decorate your Christmas tree beautifully. So if you don’t have any of the things, you don’t need to feel sad.

Snowy look

As we all know, Christmas and snow have an unbreakable relationship. So in the decoration of the Christmas tree, we use cotton to give a snowy look. But in case, you don’t have cotton or it finishes before completing the whole Christmas tree decor. You can use all-purpose flour that you have brought for making Christmas cakes. Just sprinkle it on the leaf of the Christmas tree. It will give you exactly a cotton snowy look. It will look so beautiful.


Garland is also used to decorate the Christmas tree. Most of the people use those green or little red garlands. For this, you can use fresh flower garland. When you will order the cake at that time. You can also order online flower delivery in Bangalore, or you can use the artificial flower to make a garland. I mean, those artificial flowers that you keep at home to enhance the beauty of the home.


For this, I have a quick DIY. Just take a piece of red cloth and stitch it. I mean, make shocks with it. If you don’t have red cloth, make shocks of any color cloth. You just need a red paper to paste over the shocks. And here your DIY Santa Claus shocks ready.

Santa Claus cap

This is one of those things, which you can’t skip in decoration. Without it, your Christmas tree decoration can’t be completed. Just like, you can order cake online at midnight. You can’t order a Santa Claus cap at midnight. Because it’s a bit difficult to deliver at midnight. So for this, you can use this DIY. Just a red chart paper, and make a cap with it. It will take hardly 5-7 minutes and your super cool and innovative Santa Claus cap is ready.


The beauty of the Christmas tree enhances these small things. Bells are one of the most important things for Christmas tree decoration. Now, what can we do that can replace it but without decreasing the beauty.  Okay, no problem I have an amazing DIY for this, actually, I have two DIY for this. The first one is, you can use the cap of the lamp that we hang in our home. It will look like bells and you can keep it with the bulb. So you don’t need to add extra lights to the Christmas tree. The second one is, you can make bells with the use of paper and, use and throw glasses or with the small bowls. Just decorate it beautifully, I mean give it the look of bells.

Small wish list notes

For this, you don’t need to worry a lot. If you don’t have one. You just need a small notebook and a stapler. Tear some pages and fold it in the shape of a small tiny notebook, and staple it. That’s it, your work is done here.


If you don’t have small gifts for decoration. Just gift wrapping wrapper, take some candies or Christmas cookies. Wrap the cookie or candy. Here are your small and cute gifts ready to hang in the Christmas tree.

There are 7 DIYs that I told you about above. All these DIYs will save in your decoration if you forget anything. These DIYs are not time-consuming, so you can do it in a few minutes. The best part of these DIYs. They will make your Christmas tree look beautiful, without realizing that it is a DIY. So use these DIYs, and thank me later.