Preparing for an USYD graduation can be overwhelming if you don’t plan well. There are many things to be done before a graduation and you must ensure that you have completed all the steps needed for your graduation. The tasks before a graduation can seem to be endless but if you plan before time, you can find it easy. It is important to follow all the steps and work with your counsellor to know the exact dates for your school.


A few months before

A few months before the graduation, make sure you meet with your academic advisor so as to review the degree plan. You must work with your advisors to ensure that you are on the correct path. You must know the graduation requirements and notify your counsellor if there are changes to your selection of courses.


You should make sure that you finish your graduation application. You must confirm if you are on the graduation list. You should print out your name as you want it to appear on the certificate. You must also register for the ceremony. Some schools ask for graduation fee and you must pay it on time. Your transcripts will be audited for verification if they are eligible for graduation. Work closely with your advisor to remain eligible if you still have courses.


3 months before

Three months before the graduation, it is important to order a USYD graduation gown. The school will schedule a time for students to order and be fitted with graduation gowns and caps. You should choose a gown that fits you well.


You can also order graduation invitations and class rings. When you order your gown and cap, there will be other vendors available that can order your graduation announcement and invitations. The announcements will include school colours and logo.


Make sure you schedule your photos so that they arrive in time to enable you to send invitations.


A few weeks before

2 weeks before the graduation, pick up the invitations and the graduation attire. The gown, cap, class ring and invitations will arrive soon. Some of these items will be sent directly to you while others will be found at the school. Make sure to check that all the items are intact and that everything fits correctly. You should also confirm that nothing has been damaged.


Make sure you complete all the requirements at the school. You may be required to submit your projects before the graduation. You should also make sure that your school fee has been cleared. Pay all the school and library debts. Send invitations to everyone you would like to come to your graduation. If you would like to have a party, make sure you plan for it ahead of time.


1 day before

Make sure you have everything needed for the USYD graduation ceremony. Put all the items together. You need to ensure that you have your name card, the proper attire, the gown, cap, tassel, graduation ceremony tickets and schedule of events. You should organize the food for your guests a day before the graduation and buy the necessary things you will need. Read More: