Nothing is more irritating than browsing through your music collection and finding “Track 01”, “Unknown Artist” as well as “Unknown Album.” If you’re using an average Internet connection, this issue can generally resolve by information gathering process. This collects information about music from a vast online database.

But it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem and leaves some with no information about the media (i.e., burned CD’s, indie artist, etc.). There are several simple ways to update the ID3 tags on these files manually. The method of updating can differ according to the media player mp3 that you are using.

To update in Windows Media Player: After you have located the file, right-click the section you wish to update and then select “Rename” from the menu.

After selecting “Get Info” a dialog box will appear with a variety of blanks. Fill in the information that is required with the titles that are blank. After filling in the initial page, you can switch between tabs on the top of the page to fill in any additional details, like website or artwork, for example.

Windows Media Player: After selecting “Rename” type in the correct information in the text box.

After filling in the blanks, click the “OK” button in the lower corner to save modifications.

After you’ve completed the necessary information for a particular section, select any text field to close the field. Make this a habit for every section you wish to modify.

To edit multiple files, select all files that require to be edited and follow the exact steps. These methods use two of the most commonly used media players to edit ID3 tags as well as organizing MP3 files. The method of editing and organizing is dependent on the player used however most will employ the same method in some way. There are many other software programs that can assist in organizing and updating. These programs automatically update the files which are not recognized by the “Update Info” engine built in the media player might not recognize. You can also use youtube to mp3 converter for a better experience.

One of the programs that is Tune-up. Tune-up includes a range of features to allow updating meta-data and artwork for the cover easier. It it also connects to the right side of iTunes making it easy to drag and drop of files from your iTunes library. Its function Clean plays the MP3 and then compares it with an existing database, allowing more precise updating, and additionally allowing you to judge whether the information updated is accurate prior to attaching it to ID3 tags on the ID3 label on the MP3. Another option is the Cover Art. This feature scans the ID3 tags on files and then searches at the art cover for the file. When searching a database, this feature gives you a range of choices for cover art . to increase the precision.

These tools are fantastic to update the meta-data of the MP3 however, software such as this also include additional features that might not necessarily be related to the updating of ID3 tags or organizing MP3s however, they can be useful and largely connected. One of these features is Universe. It takes the currently playing MP3 and shows biographies of the artist and related artists, as well as music videos, and even merchandise opportunities based upon the playing MP3. Another option includes the Concerts feature that shows the scheduled shows of the artists that are in your library of media, as well as allowing single-click purchase of tickets for the same concert.

Tune can be downloaded on the Internet either for a no-cost downgraded version, or for a cost for an upgrade to the complete version. The differences between the free and paid version is minuscule. The free version only allows an arbitrary mp3 juice cc to be sent via Album or clean covers downloaded from Cover Art in contrast to the unlimited use of premium versions. The free version allows unlimited access to and Concerts however. However, at $29.95 for lifetime use of the software the features of the paid version are far superior to that of the version for free.

Applications such as paid greatly in the management of MP3s which prevents you from searching through a myriad of files and then updating them manually, which could consume hours of your time, based on the number of MP3 files you store within your computer.