I was amazed that other graduate students knew how to look for a aiou result

The little things I learned from class and experience – what to wear to a professional show, how to write a cover letter, and other skills – have been gone for the past three years. If you are a university senior, and you are thinking about looking for a job or looking for a job, it is important to know the basics first.

The basics


Your experience should be accurate, professional and far-sighted. Despite the general misconception, you can write it in bullet point format. Of course, bullet points can be better than all sentences because they make it easier for recruiters to read your resume.

Regardless of the form, the content of the resume should be functional. In college, I learned about the STAR method, where each bullet shows the work at hand, the task, the process, and the results of the work. I like the STAR method, which helps me show what I have achieved.

Your resume should not be longer than one page, so it is important to use the space wisely. If you have an internship and extracurricular experience, you should give up old jobs and honors, such as high school days. If your resume is more than one page long, you should remove the experience and skills that do not match the position you are applying for. If you are applying for a different job, I suggest you do a few resumes for each job description. This allows you to better cover the skills needed for a particular Latest NTS Jobs, thereby increasing your interviewing skills.

Cover articles

Like a resume, your cover letter should be professional and comprehensive. Do not repeat what is said on the resume – that is, have previous work experience. Instead, you should use your cover letter as an opportunity to present your company. Your gateway letter should describe your values, feelings, and how these values ​​apply to the company. This should show your soft skills and other work experience, and how that skill can help you succeed in the position.

The same formatting principles apply to your resume as a cover letter. Although the whole sentence is required, the addition of bullet points is accepted. Finally, you write a letter. Your cover letter should not be more than one page, and each letter should match the appropriate position and company. I recommend not copying from the previous article. Most applicants forget to change the name of the company, which is a regular way to get a job. Instead, I suggest you pull the two documents together and work from there.

If possible, you should send each cover letter to the recruiter. If this information is not available and you have lost all options for searching for it, you can call the article: “Dear Conscripts” or “May be worried.” However, the more personal the article, the more likely it is that your application will become a recruiter.


Unlike popular beliefs, the interview process does not begin when you go to the interviewer’s office. Starts when submitting an application. It is important to conduct extensive research in every company you interview before you arrive. What are its values, perceptions and ideas? What is its mission or value? What are his current working conditions? Who are his rivals? How to distinguish them? What is its organizational structure (and what opportunities or limitations does it offer)? What are his latest plans and corporate announcements? Is there any additional information for this position other than the job list? Answering these and similar questions before an interview increases your ability to prepare your answers for the company and startup.

Although each conversation is different, the general rules of etiquette apply. in time; Appropriate clothing; Look into the eyes of your interlocutor as you speak. Thank you for meeting at the end of the interview.

It is important to ask at the end of the interview if you have questions that your interviewer is asking. These questions should come from the information provided during the interview or from the extensive research you have done. Most candidates opt out of this opportunity not only to isolate themselves, but also to take an interest in the company. However, choose with the questions you ask.