Hours of hard work and years of patience are what builds an Instagram account. After getting many followers and likes, the next problem you may deal with this is to maintain. Creating content, communicating with the audience, and updating your page technically everything requires time energy, and effort.

Now let’s come to the point. If you are a person who is not ready to grow an Instagram account and want a smart way to engage your business through Instagram, the only option for you is to buy instagram accounts for sale. So the next after your decision to buy an insta account is certain to checkpoints. If you don’t give a background check and peep inside the account you are going to end up with a fake account.

1.Real or fake

Have a crosscheck with the profile photo and the posts. If it is a fake one, there won’t be any relationship between these two. The profession given in the description bio will not be anyways similar to the posts. The fake account’s posts will have little activity and will be weird. Compare the number of posts and the number of followers, you will get perplexed. Anybody who has common sense can understand it as a fake account. Besides, there are pikdo Instagram tools to give a quality check.

2.Check Niche

You cannot sell old wine in new bottles every time, the niche of the insta account should match with your profession and business. You cannot just buy the followers along with the account if you are not doing justice to them. Check all the previous posts before buying the account. The outward appearance of the page might be different from what is inside.

3.Agreement of Purchase

Though not legal, always draft a sales report before buying the account. If you can get a bit of legal advice on this, they can advise you better. The contract should include the name of the parties and a date other than the payment. This will help you in case of disputes and other claims. So buy the account from a  reliable source

4.Check the Amount

The value of an account is determined by the likes, posts, and comments, etc. An average insta page with a decent number of followers can claim. Check whether the followers are real and the posts have a good level of engagement. So determining all these factors the seller would have kept a selling price but as a buyer, you can quote your amount and if it matches, you can buy easily.


Before paying the full amount check the account by logging into the page. Unlink all the other accounts like  FB related to the account. Pay through some refundable options. Better talk personally with the real account owner.

Having said all these, the laws of Instagram are so strict, so you may get banned at any moment. But it’s a normal practice to buy and sell insta accounts. Try to bear the risks involved. You cannot make the same growth what was getting before if you aren’t burning your midnight oils.ins