In the present day, where search engine advertisement and social media are taking business promotion to a whole new level, they are not close enough to replace the traditional advertising methods.

TV commercials, printing ads, billboards are effective methods for local advertising, but they don’t come cheap and also have a limited time period. This means your business advertising will be removed after a particular time.

According to, the main purpose of using custom yard signs is that they are cheap and affordable. Unlike billboards or TV commercials, custom yard signs do not have any time deadline. So you can use them as many times as you want. Also, they do a great job at promoting your business throughout the city or country. In other words, custom yard signs can quickly draw your audience’s attention, within a budget investment.

If you want to make a custom design flag, there are some key points that you have to keep in mind. Here are the top 5 marvelous custom yard design tips.

Always Use Short Messages

Most of your audience will see your custom yard signs while driving, running, or jogging. Thus, you only have a couple of seconds to capture their attention. So you need to keep your message simple and to the point. If you use a longer message or your sign is too messy or complicated, the drivers on the road won’t get enough time to finish reading. It’s generally recommended to keep your message short.

Highlight Your Name

While custom yard signs with a simple message are important, do not forget to include the proper name on your sign.

When you want to promote your business using custom yard signs, the name of the business is the first and most important thing you should add to the sign. Whether you want to place your business name at the centre or highlight it clearly, it is necessary to bring attention to the name.

If your business logo is being instantly recognized by the customers or others in your area, then you should focus more on the business logo and less on the business name.

Always Include Your Contact Information

Most marketers do one common mistake, that they don’t put their contact information on the custom yard design. If you don’t place your business’s contact information, there’s no way your audience can reach out to you.

Adding contact information doesn’t mean adding your phone number, email address, business address, or even website URL. Instead, focus on what way your customers can reach out to you, and include that particular form of contact. If a customer wants to contact you differently, they’ll search your business name online.

Negative Spaces Are Important

You may think that negative spaces or space left on your custom yard sign is a complete waste, but that’s not a true case.

Negative spaces actually work fantastically to gather attention to the other parts of your sign. If your eyes see a negative place, it’ll automatically guide your eyes to the business name or other useful information.

Always Use Legible Yard Signs

A common mistake that marketers do is that they don’t use legible lawn signs in the yard. This is a huge downgrade while you promote your business. It may seem odd, but if a car is moving at 40 MPH, a 10 cm letter height will seem too small to them. If you think that you’ve used bigger letters in your custom yard, it’s most likely perfect. Customers will only have a couple of seconds to read, acknowledge, and process your message. Making your fonts bold and legible will help it to stand out.

Also, don’t include too many colors, as they can get mixed up with each other. Choosing dark lettering on a white background is ideal for making your yard sign more legible.


These are the 5 tips that will be helpful for you to make a custom yard sign. Creating a successful yardsign requires a lot of patience and imagination. Use your imagination to come up with some brilliant custom yard designs. The more innovative you are, the more eye-catching your brand promotion will be.