You are a wedding DJ in Melbourne who has been given the honour to be a master of ceremonies at a wedding in Australia. You may be thrilled that you can make the wedding flow smoothly and you can also be terrified that you will mess everything up. To avoid messing things up, read this guide to learn some tips.

The work of a wedding MC

When you are given the responsibility of being a wedding MC, you have to know that you will be the host of the wedding. You will keep the day running smoothly and make sure that everyone is enjoying the wedding. It is up to the bride and the groom to tell you what they would like you to do for them. It is, therefore, important to meet with them before their wedding day. You should ask for a list of jobs they would like you to do. You can share some stories about them with their guests.

However, Melbourne DJs in Australia who are given the responsibility of being an MC should be very careful. You shouldn’t say what the couple doesn’t want you to say. The couple should also tell you how they want their day to run.

The duties of an MC

You should do what the bride and the groom ask you to do. Some of the most common tasks you will be required to do include helping gather guests for photos, announcing the arrival of the bride and the groom to the reception, helping guests find their seats, announcing the first dance, explaining to guests about their meal service, introducing speakers to the reception, and introducing the cake cutting activities.

A good wedding DJ in Melbourne should know what else to do in addition to playing music and ensuring the lighting of the place is excellent.