While playing their favorite video games, most people use Discord to communicate with each other. Your Discord voice chats become much more enjoyable and immersive when you add music to them. How to play music on discord and how to play music with mee6 then continue reading this article.

Discord Music Playing Tips

In Discord, there are only two ways to play music.

  • Make use of a bot and link your Spotify account.
  • Use a microphone to make music.

How to Use a Discord Music Bot?

For the most part, the process goes something like this:

  • Using the “+” symbol, create a new Discord server.
  • Give the server a name and specify your location.
  • Click “Invite” or “Add” on the bot’s website.
  • To get started, simply sign in to your Discord server.
  • All you have to do now is choose a server for your music bot and get it verified.

Using Discord to Play Music

You can use a bot called FredBoat to add music to your Discord calls. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The “Invite To Server” button is located on the FredBoat bot’s website.
  • Make sure the “I’m not a robot” box is checked before pressing “Authorize.”
  • Join a voice channel and use the “; play [URL]” command to tell FredBoat which song you want the bot to play.

With the help of a microphone, you can play music on Discord.

  • The “Control Panel” is located in the “Start Menu.”
  • “Hardware & Sound,” then “Manage Audio Devices.”
  • To record, go to the “Recording” menu.
  • Activate “Stereo Mix” and set the “default microphone” to “Stereo Mix”.
  • Using FredBoat, you can now join a voice chat and begin playing music.

How do I use Jockie Music Bot to play music?

To begin with, jockie music, follow jockie music bot commands.

 log on to your server and find a voice channel on the network. Enter the command m! into the voice channel. to hear MUSIC NAME As long as the track is from one of the supported sites, you can use it to listen to it. MUSIC NAME can be replaced with the name of the song or music you want to play and Jockiebot will play it.

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