With 7.5 million blog articles posted daily making your article standout is a difficult task. This is where SEO (Site Engine Optimization) comes to the rescue.

If you are struggling to get traffic to your site or just starting your blog then you need an SEO plan.

Read on to learn how to write a good blog post for SEO.

  1. Find a Uniquely Popular Topic 

Writing a blog post is pointless if no one wants to read it. Therefore, you need to find a topic that is both different from most published articles as well as one that is in high demand.

This balance will ensure that when people see your headline in a search result they will click on it. It also means that there will not be a thousand identical articles like yours. Although similar articles may exist, your post should have a fresh perspective, twist, or update to offer your audience something new.

  1. Check the Competition

When you write articles for SEO purposes you need to research the level of competition. You can do so by searching for key phrases to view how often the term is organically entered into a search engine. The database of key phrases will also tell you how difficult the topic is according to how many competitors have written about the topic.

Another strategy is to check out the competition for yourself. One of the best tips for blog post writing is to go on similar niche websites to browse their most successful blog post. You may find a new spin on the subject.

  1. Know Your Audience

An engaging blog post is customized for your website’s audience. So, you should know who is most likely to search for the topic and who usually or will most likely visit your blog. Think about the age group, geographic location, level of education, and career type to determine your audience.

Your audience will then set the tone and the design of your article. The audience also directs your marketing tactics and where you should share the article. For example, pick the appropriate social networks geared toward your demographic.

  1. Research Keywords and Phrases

We saved one of the best blog post writing tips for last because it is essential for SEO. Finding the right keywords for your topics makes your content appear on search engine result pages.

However, the way you use the keywords is just important as the words themselves. They should be intricately placed to naturally flow with your content. And, they need to be relevant to your topic. This ensures that your audience and search engines see your website as trustworthy rather than spammy.

How to Write a Good Blog Post and Keep it That Way

Once you learn how to write a good blog post your work is never over. To keep your blog fresh you also need to occasionally check in on it. Update your blog posts to improve your SEO and allow it to gain traction with new content.

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