Before you decide to become a DJ on hire in Melbourne, you should be competitive enough. There are so many upcoming DJs right now and without something unique, you might never gain the trust of most clients. Here are some things you should do if you are an upcoming DJ.


Being a DJ is not a shortcut to life. It doesn’t make you evade the books. You must read and do enough research. There are a lot of resources on the internet to help you do enough research. Read articles that explain music mixing and get to know the latest software.


Practice is the key to becoming a successful DJ. During your free time, you should be practising. Learning a few tricks on your own is the best way to go about it.

Watch other DJs do their thing

You can never do it on your own. Watch other DJs Melbourne do their thing. Attend their gigs and learn how they interact with their audience. If you don’t have time to attend gigs, you can watch on YouTube. Subscribe to YouTube channels of your favourite DJs and follow how they mix, how they do their promotions and how they get new clients.

Get more music

Being a DJ means that you should always be updated. There is new music coming up all the time and music keeps on evolving. Don’t just maintain your old playlist. Keep on checking for more trending music and promising upcoming artists. Being the first to play new good music gives you an added advantage and makes you trusted among your fans.

Pick up a course

There are some things you won’t learn on your own if you want to become a top DJ hire Melbourne. It is, therefore, necessary to enrol in a DJ academy and learn new things. Getting a certificate is also an added advantage.