Many people believe that the hair of a woman is main reason for her beauty. Having long, lustrous and thick hair is the dream of every woman, but unfortunately everyone is not always born with beautiful hair. The dirt, dust, pollution and sun can further damage your hair. But don’t lose hope, there are a lot of ways by which you can take care of your hair and make them just as amazing as you see in the television.

Using the common products available in the market might cause more harm than good as they contain a lot of chemicals. It is always better to apply natural or homemade hair products and therapies. They will give long term results and make your hair healthy and strong from the inside. People can also easily find such beauty hair tips in hindi online. Following a regular and healthy routine of proper hair care will leave you with long and gorgeous hair. Some of the tips you can keep in mind are:

  • DIET- our diet plays a big role in our overall health. Thus our hair quality is also affected by our diet. The body needs enough nutrients to keep the hair strong and healthy from the inside, which in turn makes them look beautiful on the outside. Having a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients is crucial for proper hair care.
  • SHAMPOO- in order to keep your hair beautiful, you need to keep it clean. There are a lot of shampoos available in the market, but you have to choose the most appropriate one according to your needs and your hair type. No matter what, you should always get a mild shampoo for regular use. You should never over do the shampoo. It is only meant to clean your scalp and not condition you hair, so over doing it will cause a lot of damage to your hair in the long run.
  • EGGS- you don’t have to go out and buy yourself a new bottle of chemical conditioner for your hair anymore. The best conditioner can be found inside your fridge. Using eggs to condition your hair will give you wondrous results. The yolk of the egg is filled with proteins and fat which moisturises your hair, while the egg white is great at removing the unwanted oils.

The internet can be very helpful in these matters. For people looking for such beauty tips, hindi hair care tips, tips for damaged hair etc should look up the internet. Some tips for special hair conditions are given below:

  1. ITCHY SCALP- a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and water is great for treating itchy scalp.
  2. DAMAGED HAIR- massaging your hair with a concoction made from honey and olive oil and then rinsing it will reverse the damage caused to your hair.
  3. LESS VOLUME- to add volume to your hair put a mixture of flat beer, oil and an egg to your hair and rinse it after about 15 minutes.