In Islam, Ramadan is the most eminent time for Muslims. Particularly one night of this meaningful month, the night of Laylatul- Qadr. In Arabic, Laylatul-Qadr means the ‘Night of Power’ and has great importance. It is the most sacred night for Muslims on which God first revealed the Quran to Prophet Mohammad after a period of habitual mediation in seclusion. It was revealed to him through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril). In Islamic tradition, the night is considered very sacred as it is believed that on this night Allah brings forgiveness to the children for their past sins and blesses them. Here is the complete guide to performing Laylatul Qadr prayer.

When is Laylatul-Qadr in 2022?

It is believed the Laylatul- Qadr occurred on one of the final 10 nights of Ramadan, though the exact date and day are unknown. It was advised by Prophet Mohammad to look for the odd nights of the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan (Bukhari), although it is subject to the official sighting of the moon. Because of this faith, the last ten days of the month of Ramadan are considered even more divine.


The date of the annual commemoration thus varies throughout Islam, still, the last five odd nights are most commonly observed during Ramadan are the 21st,23rd, 25th,27th, and 29th for one sect of the Muslim Community and the night of 19th, 21st and 23rd are crucial for another sect of community.

Guardian Angels on the power of Night

According to Islamic divine communication, on the night of Laylatul Qadr, under the guidance of Allah SWT, Guardian Angles descends to Earth to greet the believers and say Ameen to the supplications (Dua). It is such a divine night that Allah SWT in Surah Al-Qadr says:

“The Night of Decree is better than thousands of months. The Angels and the Spirit descend therein by the permission of their Lord for every matter. Peace is until the emergence of dawn.” [Surah Al-Qadr, verses 3-5]

The most eminent sign of the power of the night is that the next day sun’s rays won’t be so direct and clear even though the sun will be luminous and shiny as believers assume that the angels will be blocking the sunlight with their wings. Laylatul Qadr is claimed to be one of the most composed nights of the year.

What to do on the Night of Power?

When Muslim complete good deeds on the night of power, fasting is increased as a reward. According to Islamic narration, a single act of kindness gives the blessings of 1000 months. To seek the blessings of Allah SWT, here is the list of what one should do on the night of Laylatul Qadr:

  • Offering Namaz and Dua

It is believed that the offering of Namaz and supplication on the night of power which is also known as the night of decree decides our fate for the following year. Therefore, Muslims spend time as much as humanly possible, worshipping Allah SWT and asking for his mercy, love, and protection from the evils of this world.

  • Recite Holy Quran by heart

Reciting the Holy Quran is the best way to appreciate everything that Allah SWT does for his believers. Over the month of Ramadan, Muslims tend to recite the Holy Quran without knowing its actual meaning. Therefore, on a sacred night, they believe to recite longer Surahs from the Holy Quran and translations to understand the message of Allah SWT to cleanse their previous sins.

  • Invoke Dua in Masjid

Imams in most mosques complete the narration of the Holy Quran on the odd night of Ramadan. After the completion of the Quran, Imam makes dua on behalf of the entire Muslim community. So, the believers must attend the dua in the mosque with family to please Allah SWT.

  • Have Iftar with Family

Sitting together with family members and friends to have Iftar is much encouraged in Islam. This act of sharing meals carries great rewards and faith for the whole family, which improves the bonds of kinship and togetherness among the members. 

  • Perform Sadaqah or Charity

The deed of donation and charity is a way of honoring and pleasing Allah SWT. However, according to Islamic narrations, the reward for giving Sadaqah in the holy month, especially on the night of Laylatul Qadr is multiplied seventy times. Laylatul Qadr is seen as the perfect moment to offer Sadaqah (Zakat) to people in need and be forgiven for past sins people.

  • Itikaf

On the sacred night of Isolation (Itikaf), Muslims abstain from socializing and choose to spend the last ten days of Ramadan in Isolation to focus solely on worshipping Allah SWT and asking for mercy. Itikaf is also said to be a great way to start practicing new religious practices that one aims to continue the following year.

Benefits of performing Laylatul- Qadr

The Lylatul Qadr is considered a most sacred event in Islamic traditions. The rewards earn during this time are tremendous. Muslims engage themselves in reciting holy Quaran, doing charity, and praying to Allah for the well-being of all. The rewards earned during this night cannot be equalized with the ones get throughout the whole life.

In the Quran also, it is mentioned that worshipping Allah on the night of Layatul Qadr earns the reward of a lifetime. So, to please Allah, one must perform rituals, make duas, and earn the mercy of Allah.