Eye problems in the past few months of quarantine really got to us. Recurring of such visual problems is extremely challenging when you are trying to work without intrusion. The truth is, you are bound to experience eye problems while sitting at a screen. Blue light glasses are the only way proven way to halt the occurrence of various eye discomforts and problems. Before we get to the definition and working of blue light glasses, let’s understand why we face such problems for a start.

Can laptops and computers cause eye problems?

From eye strain and headache to blurred vision, people all around the world saw an increase in screen-induced discomfort in the quarantine period that continues to go on. Scientifically known as “computer vision syndrome”, the growing eye problems from the screen are a concerning topic for all age groups.

Computer vision syndrome is an umbrella term for eye problems such as



itchy eyes

burning sensation

blurry vision


The cause of computer vision syndrome can be various, from overly bright screens to excessive hours of use. But in all sense, any eye problems that you experience from screen take place due to blue light rays penetration into the eyes.

The blue light effect

Blue light, often seen emitted from the screens of digital devices such as computer, smartphone, laptops and tablet. All digital screens unleash high-energy blue light rays that penetrate into the retain of the eye and cause severe complications. As our eyes can’t protect or shield itself from the active absorption of blue light in the eyes, it leads to the rise of eye problems.

Along with various eye problems like eye-strain and headache, blue light rays also suppress the release of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. As a result of stopping the hormone release, our brain perceives the light as a sign of pure daylight and makes you active and alert.

You continue to stay awake all night, even when you must be going to sleep. That leads to inadequate hours of sleep and fatigue, unproductive and sleepy morning. Overuse of screens at night causes insomnia and sleep deprivation in young kids and adults.

Do blue light glasses prevent eye problems?

Blue light glasses online are highly effective towards protecting our eyes from harmful blue light rays and eliminating other eye health issues mentioned below.

Get rid of eyestrain

We’ve all experienced digital eye strain from staring at a computer screen for long periods. And these days it’s even more pronounced, as we spend a significant portion of our workday looking at our smartphones, tablets, computer screens. Even while relaxing, we play video games, read on a tablet, or watch TV. All these activities expose us to artificial blue light. Blue light glasses get rid of eyestrain and keep your eyes charged up.

Eliminate Sleep Disruption

When we continue to use computers and smartphones late at night, those blue lights disrupt our natural sleep patterns by unnaturally exposing us to blue light at night. Blue light glasses effectively block them out and don’t let blue light and our eyes interact thus rebooting our healthy sleeping habit.

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