All businesses want to showcase their products in the best possible light. They want stellar images and impressive displays to attract their targeted customers. A product photography expert can help with the process, delivering polished images that can influence a customer’s purchase decision. However, not all product photography services are made equal and sometimes you need a more reliable partner. Here’s a look at some signs that you need better product photography:

  1. Photographs Look Dated

Customers are picky and it is difficult to impress them. If your product images look old and dull, they won’t attract customers. Most photographers ensure the images are sharp, clear, readable. They use reliable equipment, strong editing techniques, and make sure all images look impressive. If the product pictures look current and fresh, they will encourage conversion. Modern consumers rely on images to get information like size, dimensions, colors, and textures. Most agree that they consider images more important than text descriptions.

This is especially critical for competitive platforms like Amazon or eBay. You need to make sure your images look great compared to the other sellers on the site.

  1. Images Don’t Match the Brand’s Branding

Experienced photographers know how to ensure there’s a strong brand presence in images. If your image doesn’t match the vibe of your brand, it can distract the customer or discourage brand loyalty. For example, if your brand has a playful and youthful vibe, the product images should reflect that. You have missed anopportunity if there’s no clear connection between brand imagery and product photographs.

It is a good idea to change photographers if their style or approach doesn’t suit your brand. Browse through a professional’s portfolio or social media accounts to understand their style before hiring them.

  1. They Don’t Deliver the Right Message

The difference between professional and amateur photographers is the ‘intention’ of the image. Inexperienced photographers can take good pictures and have technically sound images but they often fail at coming up with the right composition. They don’t showcase the product properly and don’t tell a story through their images, which means their product photography doesn’t strike an emotional chord in the target audience.

Look for a photographer that can take descriptive and engaging photographs so the image looks alive. These kinds of images attract attention, especially in competitive markets. A compelling picture can help improve sales, establish a strong brand presence, and will continue to serve your brand for several years.

  1. There are Glaring Errors in the Photograph

Does your product photograph look Photoshopped? Are there any disruptive reflections on its surface? Is the light balance or contrast off? Are there any visible, distracting errors that draw people’s attention away from the product? All of these errors can compromise the shopping experience, doing more harm than good.

Raw photographs often have some errors but they are always fixed during the post-production process. Experts carefully edit out all of the flaws to ensure the image reads well. The final images look complete and polished, which has a positive impact on clients.

  1. Your Conversion Rate is Lower

You can compare historical data with current data to see if the images deliver good results. If your conversion rate is lower than the rate before, you may need better images. Poor quality product photographs usually alienate customers instead of attracting them. They can hurt your brand’s reputation and imagery.

Test the listings carefully and compare the old images with the new to see if the problem really lies with the photographs. If you get consistently poor results from the photographs, hire a better professional for the job. You can easily find a good solution after some research online.

  1. The Products Aren’t the Focus

The product should always be the focus of product photography. If the images aren’t in focus and the background is too cluttered, it will draw a prospective customer’s attention away and won’t influence the purchase decision. The product should always be the hero of the image, regardless of the style of photography.

For example, there are many background elements and models in lifestyle photography. The product can easily become lost in the crowd if the photographer isn’t careful. If your images are too busy, they won’t be effective in convincing a customer that your product is worth the investment. Make sure the item you are trying to sell is always the focus and stand apart from the background elements as much as possible. This is necessary for both creative in-studio and lifestyle product photography.

  1. The Photographer Doesn’t Communicate Well

A photographer and a client should always have a good rapport. The professional knows a lot about photography and how to appeal to customers. On the other hand, the business owners know more about the product, their target audience, industry trends, and customers. If the photographer doesn’t consult with clients to get information about their brand or products, they won’t be able to take good images.

If your product photography partner doesn’t keep the lines of communication open or disregards your ideas, consider switching to a more reliable professional. Most photography studios provide a free consultation so you can take some time to discuss the project with the expert. Hire them if they’re easy to talk to and provide great ideas. You should also ask them questions about the process and ensure everyone involved in the project is on the right page.

The final factor to consider is the price but that is subjective. Different businesses have different kinds of budgets or priorities so consider them carefully before hiring a studio. Some studios are more expensive than others but they usually provide useful services along with photography. It is a good idea to compare quotes from multiple vendors before making a decision.

Hire a reliable professional with a few years of experience in product photography and polished skill. You can look at the photographer’s portfolio, online reviews, and even speak with past clients to find unbiased information on the expert. It is also a good idea to hire an expert with experience in your niche. For example, if you’re an automobile retailer, hire a professional with experience photographing vehicles.