Mumbai is a place where people from different states come to make their dreams into reality. From street food to high-class drinks, this city has many more to make you delight in a number of ways.

The nightlife parties in the bars let people release stress from the day-to-day hectic schedule. There are various world-class bars that will leave you with the memories of an unforgettable night out. People of all age groups usually prefer to have a booze party in the glittering beauty of the city. But the problem arises when it comes to selecting the best bars in Mumbai. So, here are the lists to treat yourself with the everlasting experience.

  • Aer

Located on the 34th floor of Four Seasons Hotel, it provides the best sunset view as well as Mumbai skyline view. Booking an ocean facing table is worth of every single penny. Being an open-air rooftop lounge, it serves customers with cocktails, champagne, and tapas. The fusion of cocktail and DJ produce vibes in the body to rock the dance floor.

  • Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen is the ultimate bar to feel the buzz and to soak in the wide range of cocktails. Popular as a high dining restaurant, it may be a little hard on the pocket. The décor of this place compel a wine lover to visit again and again because it is exactly what you expect. Its shaded terrace makes it different from the rest of the bars in Mumbai.  It is the favorite restaurant of the Bollywood celebrities in Mumbai.

  • Chilli’s American Grill & Bar

Chilli’s is the popular American restaurant chain with its various outlets in the city. It is a fantastic place to unwind yourself. Yeah! Don’t miss the happy hours which is an everyday affair till 8 pm.

Pune has royalty in each and every corner. There was a time when this city was ruled by the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. Like Mumbai, Pune also offers a variety of delectable food and drinks to make heavy mood feel light. There is an array of classy bar where people of all class like to hang out with their family, friend, and colleagues. But selecting the best lounge is the problem of every wine lover. By going through this article, this problem will be not a problem at all. Here are the top 3 best bars in Pune to cater to your problem.

  • The Bar Stock Exchange

As the name suggests, this bar has been conceptualized on the stock exchange. The price of the drink goes up and down according to the demand in the market. People love to chill out there.

  • SWIG Bar and Eatery

It’s an awesome place to throw a booze party with your squad while having a blast at the same time in the Koregaon Park. They have the exciting offer throughout the week.

  • Agent Jack’s Bar

The night on the terrace of this lounge is more than amazing. It has a novel concept to order the drink. This place will leave you with a smile, great memories, and happy stomach.