Many companies invest important figures in communication, however leaving out aspects such as after-sales. For those who have focused on online commerce, this choice can be harmful. In fact, some companies see CBD packaging as a one-time investment, a pure creative whim, but they don’t know that it could increase their turnover.

The Best Functionality

In fact, Custom CBD oil packaging not only has a practical functionality , that is, it protects the product during transport, and an information function , that is, it explains how to use and store the product, how to handle it and how to recycle it, but it also fulfills a dual communicative function : on the one hand the CBD packaging is the dress of the product , it presents it even before seeing the purchase live, on the other hand it expresses the identity of the brand and tells the values ​​and history of a company.

First of all, the management of the cold chain : crucial for all companies that want to guarantee quality products, as well as in compliance with the law. Perishable foods, then, must be stored at a constant temperature and all other storage parameters must be respected. This aspect is all the more important for the canning sector : here, in fact, the stock of raw materials has a slower disposal rate.

  • In the user’s imagination, buying online simply means taking possession of an asset. In truth, the user is also acquiring creative value, especially when e-commerce does not sell third-party products but branded products.
  • The goal of the user who buys on the internet, therefore, is to comfortably receive an intact product at home that meets his expectations. The user, however, does not know that the first visual impact he will have with the purchase also contributes to building these expectations: its casing, in fact.
  • Let’s imagine buying a perfume of a certain value online and having it delivered to us closed in a simple paper bag. The perceived value of the product drops dramatically and although the economic value is high, the user will evaluate it negatively.

When the product arrives in the hands of the user, we finally moved from the online dimension to the offline one and it is in the offline that the user decides whether or not it was worth investing money in that purchase. A well-made package, even in the face of the worst of products, could make him change his mind and change his future buying behavior.

Differences between online and offline purchasing behaviors

E-commerce, by definition, is an online store but let’s not forget that it is still a commercial activity that thrives on relationships and strategies very similar to those of a physical store.  With the internet, our buying behaviors have changed and if neuromarketing once spoke of informed purchasing, today we are talking about emotional buying.

Let’s face it, it’s true that a book is not judged by its cover, but how many times have you bought the latest cooking manual just for the photograph of the dish that stood out in the foreground? It will have made your mouth water! This shows that we are more likely to buy a bad product just because the CBD packaging has convinced us.


During online shopping the reverse process happens, because we see the CBD packaging only after the arrival of the product, so it will be necessary to invest in after-sales to a greater extent. Those who bought from our e-shop have already spent their money, now we will have to convince them to return without upselling through coupons or discounts.