The best hiking boots are the ones that are tailored to your specific needs. You won’t gain from any of a boot’s performance if you get blisters and can’t hike in it, no matter how well it has suited the others. The Top 10 Best Hiking Boots of 2022 are listed below for making you walk safely and confidently on your hike. In addition, a lot of discount codes for hiking boots are available which you can use to save money when buying hiking boots.

Mammut Sapuen High GTX

Best All-Around

A boot with a little additional structure is a blessing for long kilometers and large loads, but you wouldn’t want to wear it for day hikes if it’s too stiff. However, we’ll cheerfully take the Mammut Sapuen wherever. Thanks to a corrugated piece of shape-retaining steel that serves as both a shank and a rock plate, this one of the best hiking boots are both comforting and lightweight.


Best Cushion

Your aching knees and feet will be relieved by the HOKA ONE TenNine Hike. This futuristic-looking boot features a massive heel that extends out about 2 inches beyond the foot, as well as 33 long millimeters of foam composite in the midsole (the boot has a 4-millimeter drop). Every stride in this one of the best hiking boots is softened by the cushioning and big landing pad.

Danner Trail 2650 Campo

Most Breathable

A unique type of hiking shoe is required in hot, dry circumstances. The Danner Trail 2650 Campo, which was designed keeping in mind the southern stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail, will keep your feet cool on walks in the Tetons and ascending approaches in Idaho’s dry City of Rocks, due to a lightweight ventilated upper part. You will have no blisters even when temperatures will reach 90°F, and because of water-draining vents in the midsole, the Campo will dry rapidly after stream crossings.

Northside Stimson Ridge Mid WP

Best Value

A boot passes the test if a pair of under $100 can withstand a season of abuse in the Alaskan bush without breaking apart. Even after thick bushwhacking along Bird Creek, we found the nubuck-and-mesh construction of the Northside Stimson Ridge to be remarkably tough—the seams of this one of the best hiking boots will not loosen and the mesh would hardly fail.

Oboz Sypes Low Leather B-DRY

Most Versatile

The Oboz Sypes Low would be our choice if we could only have one pair of hiking shoes. People have used it on extended journeys as well as day treks, through airports and over peaks, and it never failed them. The low profile and flexible fit of this shoe make it the best hiking boot for everyday use. It also doesn’t appear to be overly “hiker-y” for off-trail use.

Asolo Corax GV

Best Support

The Asolo Corax might easily be mistaken for a climbing boot, at least until you put it on. The Corax is most hiker’s ‘go-to’ boot for long excursions with a large load, combining the support and durability of an alpine boot with the lightweight comfort of a backpacking shoe. People will not be disappointed with this one of the best hiking boots currently even if they have to climb steep slopes to Lake of the Clouds on a four-day hike across Montana’s remote Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.


Best Fit

Double the laces, twice the protection: That is the formula on which Aku Rock DFS Mid is designed. It features regular lacing, as do most boots, but it also features a second, smaller quick-lace atop the main one, allowing wearers to easily tighten up over terrain that needs accuracy. The second pair of laces also transferred strain to the shoe’s side straps, which embraced our feet on both sides.

Arc’teryx Norvan SL 2

The Lightest

We’ve discovered the joy of minimalism, and it is similar to walking in the 12-ounce Arc’teryx Norvan SL 2. With a mesh top that one tester described as “sandals-like,” an integrated mesh insole, and a 12-millimeter stack height (with a 7-millimeter drop), this best hiking boot in lightness is as minimalist as any we’ve seen this year.

Black Diamond Fuel

Best for Scrambling

Consider the Black Diamond Fuel as a security system of your feet for walks across rocky, slabby terrain. One Northeast guide credits Black Diamond’s sticky, unique rubber outsole for admirably bridging the gap between rock traction and trail grip, saying, “I was comfortable wearing this shoe even when doing true rock climbs.”

Vasque Satoru Moc

The Best Camping Boots

The Vasque Satoru Moc is our new favorite candidate for the best hiking boot around. It’s light and compact enough to fit in your pack and breezy enough to let you forget you’re wearing it. Even when hikers perform some minor climbing on the cliffs wearing this boot, its pillowy foam midsole and unique rubber outsole will keep them safe as they maneuvered through rocks and roots around the wild areas like Washington’s Alpine Lakes.

The best hiking boots are the ones that match your budget as well as your style. Out of this list, choose the hiking boot which suits you best. You can also read more reviews on or to choose the best hiking boot for you.