Kolkata was the former capital of India for a long time during British rule and is
widely regarded as the cultural and intellectual capital of India pre- independence. The city has many tourist attractions and is the ideal destination
for families with children. It offers fun and entertainment and is aptly called the

The unique colonial history of Bengal and the central role it played in shaping the
intellectual life of India are visible in all the sights of the city. While there is a lot
to see and do on a trip to Kolkata, you may often wonder where to bring your
children. So, we've put together a list of kid-friendly places in Calcutta and make
sure your kid has a lot of fun.

Top sights in Kolkata

1. Nicco Park:

Located in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. Nicco Park was created to attract tourists and
offers family-friendly recreation that is both educational and entertaining. The
park opened 24 years ago and is widely known as the "Disneyland of Bengal".
Nicco Park is the most popular destination for children and to visit one of the
places in Kolkata. And it's no surprise, as the park offers 35 different types of
rides, ranging from the toy train to the paddle boat to the flying saucer. The park's
biggest attraction is "The Giant Cyclone", which was added in 2003 and is one of
Asia’s biggest attractions. It is 750 meters long and reaches a height of about 55
Nicco Park is very beautiful, which you can really see when you go up the Eiffel
Tower in the park, which offers a panoramic view of the whole park. There is also
a man who has built a waterfall and a rose garden so that the more nature
inclined people should be content. To top it off, there is a disused MIG-21 in the

park that will surely capture the imagination of young kids who want to fly. Nicco
Park is easily one of the most fun places to visit near Kolkata.

2. Birla Planetarium:

The Birla Planetarium is a one-story, circular structure reminiscent of the Sanchi
Stupa. It is the largest planetarium in Asia and the second largest in the world.
The planetarium was inaugurated by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in 1963 and offers
visitors more than 100 astronomical projects dealing with astronomy, space
exploration and astrophysics. It has a maximum capacity of 680 people and
carries out daily programs in English, Hindi and Bengali.
The place is a must if you are a science fan, but even if you are not, it is still a fun
place to go. Children will undoubtedly love the images of the heavenly bodies as
they seek to discover the secrets of the universe.

3. Botanical Garden:

The garden is located just outside the city limits on the banks of the Hoogly River.
The garden was created in 1787 and is one of the oldest and largest botanical
gardens in the country. It has over 12,000 perennial trees and millions of plants
from around the world. However, the main attraction of the garden is the huge
banyan tree, which is a natural wonder and has the second largest canopy in the
world. The very sight of the giant tree will admire anyone who sees it for the first

The Botanical Garden is also an excellent place for a family picnic and the
abundance of beautiful orchids and colorful flowers should keep the kids busy for
hours. There are also rare trees that you would not find anywhere else in India.
There is also a library in the garden which contains an extensive collection of all
botany themes.

4. Alipore Zoo:

This zoo is the oldest zoological part of India and was opened in 1876. It is a huge
tourist attraction and was world famous for its giant turtle that was over 250
years old before it died in 2006. The Zoo It houses some of the most attractive

wildlife found in the country, with a great variety of animals including the Bengal
Tiger, the African Lion, the Rhino, the Jaguar and many other animals.
Birdwatchers will find some of the rarest bird species in this zoo.
The Alipore Zoo is an ideal picnic spot and a natural wonderland for children. The
place is a big attraction and a chance for children to really see their favorite
animals. You can spend hours teaching them about animals at this zoo! The
Alipore Zoo is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Kolkata.

5. Nehru Children Museum:

This children’s museum was opened in 1972 and is dedicated to Pt. Nehru, who
was famous for his love of children. It is one of the most popular museums in the
city and one of the top Kolkata tourist destinations. It is not surprising that
children enjoy visiting this museum and it should be an unforgettable trip for their
The museum has four floors with galleries for dolls, toys, Ramayana and
Mahabharata. There is a huge collection of dolls from 88 countries that will not
only give you an idea of ​​what kids around the world are playing, but also a great
time in the video game era. The museum also displays Indian history and culture
with full sections dedicated to clay models depicting scenes from Ramayana and
Mahabharata. There are also various competitions for children, so if you have
children, bring them to the Nehru Children's Museum when you visit Kolkata.

6. Indian Museum:

This museum was founded in 1814 and is one of the oldest in the world. There is a
rich history of the museum and it shows the cultural heritage of India. The
museum was founded by the Asian Society at a time when India suffered from
lack of self-esteem due to British rule. The Indian Museum is one of the most
famous places in Kolkata.

Because of the magical effect that the place has on visitors, the museum is
commonly referred to as Jadughar. Children will surely be enchanted by the rich
offer of Indian culture and heritage, ranging from antiques and jewelery to

sculptures and fossils. There is also a huge collection of paintings of the Mughal
era that should interest people who are in the era.

7. Oxford Bookstore:

This legendary bookshop is the best place to read and buy books in Kolkata. There
are books on almost every conceivable topic; Children should have a field day in
the Children's Department, where there are thousands of children's books and
comics. It is one of the places in Kolkata to see.
In today's Kindle and Amazon era, it would be nice for kids to go to a good, old-
fashioned bookstore. So it becomes one of the most important places in Kolkata.
You can spend hours reading the books and there is a tea bar, gift shop and
reading room to make your visit easy.

8. Victoria Memorial:

Probably the most historically important and famous place in Kolkata. The
monument was erected in 1901 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen
Victoria. The place is beautiful to see and uses extensively white marbles. The
place is also a glimpse into the colonial history of Indian history and should be a
very good history lesson for the children. Victoria Memorial is the quintessential
Kolkata tourist resort.

The monument has a large collection of colonial paintings, memorabilia and other
colonial artifacts that give an insight into the history of India from the arrival of
the British until their departure.

9. Princep Ghat:

This is probably the oldest resort and one of the most famous places in Kolkata.
The Riverside is located on the banks of the Hoogly River and is surrounded by
greenery. The site has been featured in many films and is sure to be a hit with kids
and old folks alike. The place is ideal for a boat trip or a leisurely walk away from
the hustle and bustle of the cities.

In addition, there are the famous stalls selling Puchka and Jhaal Muri on the
Ghat. The trip should be a pleasure not only for your senses, but also for your
taste buds, making it one of the top tourist attractions in Kolkata.

10. Marble Palace:

This 19th-century mansion is one of the best-preserved houses in Kolkata. The
palace was built by a very wealthy Bengali merchant to collect works of art. The
exhibition shows the time in Indian history when the Indian elites began to adopt
the British lifestyle and British attitudes. The villa has a large collection of Western
typefaces and Victorian paintings and memorabilia. There is also a small zoo next
to the mansion with a variety of birds.

The palace was designed to interest kids who like to know about the history of the
colonial era and the central role that Kolkata played. The best part is that
admission is free, and there are guides who explain the various artifacts in the

Kolkata has the last China Town in India, where you can see the lifestyle of
Chinese immigrants who have been living in India for centuries. It is one of the
most fascinating tourist resorts near Kolkata. There are also culinary delights that
blend Chinese and Indian styles that will make your lips smack. Throughout the
city are a joy and a must for anyone who wants to explore the colonial era and
the impact of that time on the land. So, plan your India tour and explore one of
these places.