Userlane is the most versatile Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for employee and customer onboarding and training, allowing enterprises to enable their employees and customers to engage with any software without IT training or prior expertise, in seconds. It saves a lot of time for customer and employee onboarding by automated workflows and analytics.

For staff onboarding and learning, Userlane eliminates the requirement for coding and designing software. It generates workflows that employees can follow for more efficient and convenient learning. You can set up a virtual assistant to provide contextual help and customised guidance to make your onboarding process even more effective. 

For better and more convenient learning, information can be segregated on distinct pages. Userlane keeps track of how your users or workers engage with the guides you’ve written, so that you can see which portions of your guide are working well, and which need improvement.

Despite Userlane’s best features, there are a number of Userlane competitors that businesses can choose from. These are known for having more features and a more user-friendly UI than Userlane, making them a worthy competitor –

  1. Whatfix

Whatfix is a DAP that aids in the comprehension and effectiveness of product walkthroughs. It is one of the top digital adoption platforms for businesses because of its better product integration and data analytics solutions.

In terms of accepting web and desktop-based apps, it provides better integration. Userlane, on the other hand, exclusively supports HTML web-based products. It provides improved user-analytics data that is conveniently accessible via downloads.

Whatfix will build various versions of your onboarding flow or product tour, including videos, slideshows, PDFs, and articles. While both DAPs collect user information, Whatfix collects more information and also allows PDF downloads. Once the learning flow has been established, it can be upgraded automatically. WhatFix provides learning management system integration as well as unrestricted support services in the event that you require assistance. Their attention on their consumers and customer input has helped them establish themselves as one of the leading DAP tools.

  1. WalkMe

When compared to Userlane, WalkMe is known for its unique features that make it a superior choice. It includes enhanced user analytics features for gaining a deeper grasp of several areas. It makes a variety of improved solutions available that can assist with customer and employee onboarding, and contribute to hassle-free training. 

Userlane is more user-friendly and takes less than five minutes to set up, but WalkMe has more features and better analytics. Employee onboarding, employee training, product adoption, customer onboarding, and customer success are all covered by WalkMe.

Userlane was created with small and medium-sized enterprises in mind. While they have an enterprise plan, it does not address all of an organization’s needs, such as platform adoption. On the other hand, WalkMe was created to address enterprise onboarding issues.

  1. Pendo

In comparison to Userlane, Pendo has more features and is more diversified. It has more advanced analytics. It maintains track of everything, including product walkthroughs and user behaviour, so that better and more informed analytics can be delivered. For more informed and powerful analytics, the NPS score is also offered.

Pendo is focused solely on customer onboarding, whereas Userlane handles both employee and customer onboarding. Pendo is more difficult to incorporate into your product than other competitors, and many of its other capabilities are buried behind a barrier.

The software also provides tips about how to improve the whole onboarding process. Better solutions are made available for different facets of improvement. 

  1. Appcues

In terms of features and functionalities, Appcues is similar to Userlane, but it sets itself apart by assisting with survey and feedback data collection. It also has the ability to integrate with both web and mobile-based applications, which Userlane does not. 

You can simply add in-app messaging for onboarding, new feature announcements, outage reporting, and surveys or feedback to your consumers using Appcues. You can add multiple flows and cues without having to bother the engineering team because their interface sits atop the app. Through their API and new Salesforce interface, they provide some amazing reporting options and a lot of customisation.

It is thought to be excellent for small businesses because it provides feedback information more quickly.

  1. Gainsight

Last but not least, Gainsight provides superior employee onboarding and feedback solutions. It gives the user more customization options and shows them where they may make changes. It primarily focuses on user behaviour and ensuring that onboarding is completed as quickly as feasible. 

Gainsight’s main dashboard shows a lot of data, but after you understand how to personalise your dashboards and figure out what you want to track, it can be a really useful analytics tool. Based on user behaviour, their product adoption function works hand in hand with their analytics, recommending where you could add a guide or pay more attention. 

Use the curated list above to compare Userlane options for your company or group and make an informed decision for your business. Choose the right DAP for you!