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  • Most Profitable Instagram Niches
  • Wrapping It Up

The year of quarantining, 2020 has brought forward some excellent entrepreneurship skills in young people. Even businesses with physical existence switched online or became hybrid, since online platforms were the safest place to be during the pandemic. The boom in online businesses is perhaps the only good thing that came out of this COVID-struck year. People got plenty of time to identify and practice their hobbies, and monetize their skills as well.

Many people are still confused about where to begin in an online business. For starters, you must have all the resources, such as a good internet connection at home and outdoors to stay connected to your audience. You can avail some excellent internet packages by leading ISPs like AT&T home internet services.

The foundation of your business, other than the financial resources, is an idea. If you have a solid business idea that can be profitable and also meaningful to you, only then should you go ahead and invest your time and money in the business.

Instagram is a free-of-cost social media platform that is used as a powerful e-commerce and digital marketing tool. It is the fastest growing social media platform with a well-balanced user base in terms of gender, giving you greater business opportunities. In fact, Instagram could be the biggest social ecommerce platform sometime soon! Out of the many users on Instagram, 200 million visit businesses accounts  every day! But is everything worth putting up on Instagram?

Here is a list of top-trending and most profitable Instagrammable niches that you can opt for.

Most Profitable Instagram Niches

  • Jewelry

There is a reason why jewelry is such a trendy niche on Instagram— it is extremely aesthetic. You can photograph jewelry products in a creative way and make an  excellent Instagram widget that can attract all your potential customers. With jewelry, you can also experiment with several different types. If you have the skill or can hire some help, you can sell handmade jewelry too. Thrifted products, pre-loved jewelry and even premium quality jewelry can be a great idea for your Instagram business. Another great idea for selling jewelry on Instagram is customized necklaces. These are very popular in teens and young adults, who are the biggest users of Instagram.

  • Mobile Accessories

Everyone owns the best possible smartphone to get excellent pictures, video quality and stay up-to-date with advanced technology. After spending so much on a mobile phone, people can’t help but spend on accessories such as protective covers, decorative and ornamental objects like strings and camera covers. If you really want to tap into an unsaturated yet highly in-demand niche on Instagram, mobile accessories could be a great pick for you. However, you would need to make sure that your product range is versatile and can catch up with the rapid changes and development in new mobile models.

  • Fashion Accessories

Here is one simple but very trendy idea for the fashion accessories niche: scrunchies. They are back in fashion and high in demand. Lots of Instagram pages are emerging with excellent picture quality and aesthetics. Scrunchies are lightweight products, so storage as well as shipping costs for them is low. They are also not very expensive, so investing in them will be easier. Other types of fashion accessories you can start include bags, hair accessories, shoes, and so on. All you need is a good eye for whatever product you are selling, so that your product range can actually attract prospective buyers.

  • Food

Initially, the only connection between food and Instagram was food photography. The “food porn” hashtag on Instagram has been one of the most popular ones since a very long time now. It was inevitable that this social media cum e-commerce platform would be a place for all talented chefs to sell their magic. The most popular type of food sold through Instagram is baked goods, particularly fancy cakes. This is because small-business owners do one-off orders rather than in bulk. Consequently, they have more time and energy to spend on the details of the ordered cakes and baked goodies. Again, food also has the aesthetic element all users of Instagram are so in love with.

Other excellent ideas for profitably selling food items on Instagram is vegan home-made food. Vegan food is difficult to find in common places, but is just as in-demand these days with all the awareness about environment consciousness and animal rights. You can tap into this niche, unsaturated market and make delicious vegan alternatives at home. Remember, photograph your meals nicely to really target your audience’s appetite.

  • Art and crafts, DIY projects 

This niche might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Art could range from original paintings to on-demand portraits of your customers. It also includes artists making crafty products like carved wooden decoration pieces, customized greeting cards, wall paintings and glass painting. Target audience for this niche can be limited, but definitely not less profitable. People also use their DIY-skill like wrapping gifts and baskets and sell their skill as a service. Customers availing this service get gifts wrapped by the business and have it delivered to the receiver’s address. You can further check out art and crafts ideas on Pinterest for some inspiration.

  • Health and Fitness

We spoke about selling vegan meals and food items through Instagram. When it comes to health and fitness, you can do the same by selling healthy cooked, pre-cooked or uncooked food items. You can also sell digital products in this niche, such as e-books on physical health for pregnant women, yoga for beginners and exercises that can be done while quarantining at home.

Health and fitness is a niche that will never go out of demand. People will always need to bring about a change in their lifestyles, or even buy fitness products to maintain that lifestyle. As a result, your product in this niche will always remain relevant, and you can just add things to your product portfolio as trends change.

Wrapping It Up

Starting an online business is a less risky and more convenient alternative to traditional business models. It is highly recommended that you should have online presence so that it has a wider reach and attracts more potential leads. However, the internet world has its own challenges such as immense competition. Make sure to keep your business idea on Instagram unique, relevant and easily accessible.