Marketers follow their audience. This much will be true for marketing no matter how much it develops and changes in the coming years. Someone running a company will go and promote his business on a platform where the target audience is. Before the digital age came into full force, premier platforms for marketing were TV and newspapers.

Today, the biggest platforms which guarantee maximum reach are digital. Search engines and social media promise businesses effective audience engagement at a fraction of the price traditional marketing cost.

During the pandemic crisis, content is a prized commodity. With more time to burn and more attention to grant, audiences are looking for more and more content. The evidence can be this be found by looking at viewership numbers on YouTube. More people are consuming video content now than before.

For many companies, this should be the cue to invest more effort in video content and marketing. In this article, we will go over some video advertising tips for effective engagement and conversion during pandemic crisis.

Create Content Based on Platform

There are many places you can use video content to advertise your brand. YouTube is an obvious start, but platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram also offer video ad functionality. When using any of these platforms for advertising, it is important to create content which suits the platform for chosen,

For instance, video ads for Instagram have to be short and effective, focused more on clarity than style. However, ads on YouTube can be a bit more broad and brand-based as audiences on that platform have a greater attention span. Understanding these little variations in crucial for success in video advertising.

Using Video Ad Sequencing

Google Ads recently added an ad sequencing feature to its video ads portfolio. Using sequencing, advertisers can create a sequence of ads an audiene has to be shown. These sequences can vary depending on the action of the certain person in the target audience.

Video ad sequencing can be a good area to look into in this moment for one simple reason – people have more time. Storytelling is difficult to implement these days given the shortened attention of most audiences. However, the pandemic crisis presents a unique opportunity in which most audiences are ready to devote greater attention to content.

In Conclusion

If people are spending more time on YouTube during the pandemic crisis, it is up to marketers to improve their visibility on the platform. In this article, we discuss essential video advertising tips for the pandemic crisis.

About the Author – Sharad Jain is a blogging professional with experience in writing on subjects like marketing and lifestyle. He writes for several top online platforms like, an institute regarded highly for its most advanced digital marketing training in Delhi.