Wedding cake is one of the most important part for any wedding event. Planners usually come up with great wedding cake ideas. However, there are also some mistakes you definitely don’t want to make. Also, it is quite common for people to make wedding cake mistakes.

UAE is usually pretty big on wedding events and everything that is included. Although, people generally overlook some features that make their cakes not so great. Here are some wedding cake mistakes you definitely want to avoid in UAE:

Never Trust Their Color Representations:

When you say red and white wedding cake, there are many different shades of both colors. The red you needed might not end up being delivered on your cake. The best thing to do is to always show them color swatches. This eliminates any chance of their color not matching what you wanted. Trust us, it can cause a lot of frustration and problems.

Don’t Choose a Color That’s Inedible

Colors say a lot. There is a lot of science behind how humans perceive colors. Many colors usually get associated with different things and objects. Red and white are usually wedding colors. Green and blue are also happy colors. Pink, purple, pale yellow and very light blue are the worst for cakes. Inevitably, some part of the cake will be smashed on bride and groom. Keep all colors in mind.

Don’t Try to Please Everyone – It’s Not Possible

Wedding cake mistakes in UAE also include trying to please everyone. This is something you will surely not achieve no matter where and how you try. Even when asking for opinion amongst you close fellows, you will notice disagreement on choices. This is just natural and you will not please every single guest. Just go with what goes best.

Give Cake Stand and Table the Attention They Need

Cake stand and table are very important when it comes to making things look good. Also, people usually forget about them and only focus on the cake. While focusing on the cake is a virtue, not focusing on cake table and stand is a crime. It is the whole package you want to see looking great.

Never Pick Up the Cake Yourself

O no, you definitely don’t want to take this huge responsibility. Wedding cakes are usually large and very fragile. When you pick up yourself, there are so many things that can go wrong. Simply ask your cake makers to deliver it rather than picking it up yourself. This will save you from a lot of trouble and self-criticizing.

Don’t Trust Your Friend to Make That Wedding Cake

This is a special one. Many friends will tell you how good they are on making super wedding cakes. They are not. Unless they own a professional bakery of course or sell their delicious cakes online. Trusting your friend to make the wedding cake for you is a mistake. Have professionals do this for your and don’t rely on a friend of relative.

Keep It Simple and Effective

Cake mistakes in UAE also include going for too much. Keeping it simple is the best thing to do. Simple and yet fancy enough wedding cakes work just fine. We recommend using 2 or 3 colors overall. It is for eating at the end of the day. You want it to look great but do it while not going over the top.

Remember, Eat It Don’t Waste It

O yes, don’t waste your cake. Yes, you need to rub some in the groom and bride’s face. But, just take a small chunk if you really have to. Keep the cake for eating. This cake is expensive of course and you paid for it. Another smart thing to do is to get a simple cheap cake for throwing around if you really need it.