In this blog we are going to know why were chainsaws invented fact check so that you know why they were originally invented. Although childbirth remains difficult and often stressful for the mothers still there are some medications for labor pain relief like morphine, fentanyl, etc. 

Use of appropriate sanitation methods has made childbirth safer for the mothers than it was in the previous times in history. In the 1500s the first record of a successful cesarean section was identified in Switzerland by a professional and amazing cow castrator who had performed this surgery on his wife for the very first time. 

Since, the time he wrote about his experience, historians today after 82 years continue to debate whether his account can be relied on or not. This topic is debatable because both child and mother survived during that time and not only this but the child which was born live for around 77 years. And this way it is clear that both child and then mother benefited from this and it was successful. 

If you are wondering were chainsaws invented to help with childbirth then let us move ahead to tell you about it so that you can clear this doubt. In the past c-sections were dangerous for both mother as well as the child. Far more common in those times was the surgical procedure of the symphysiotomy which was used then. 

Yet, this procedure was also a dangerous one and has risk to conduct as it requires speed as well as accuracy both. 

This is when chainsaws came into existence and you will know why were chainsaws invented in the late 18th century. That time two Scottish doctors developed a prototype of the chainsaw which is familiar today in the timber industry. The design of the chainsaw was based on the watch chain in which there were teeth that moved through the use of a hand crank. 

This meant that the mothers could not see the doctor holding a version of chainsaw but they could definitely see the doctor furiously cranking a chainsaw against her vulva. With the invention of chainsaws the obstetricians and the gynecologist working in this field were amazed to know how helpful and better it was to use chainsaws for symphysiotomies than the previous methods which were used earlier. 

You might find Chainsaw childbirth snopes weird but it was really effective and successful and keeping this success in mind chinsawas were eventually mechanized in the 19th century to increase the ease of use of OB/ GYNs on the expectant mothers. Shortly after this, the chainsaw was outdated by the Gigil wire saw which is twisted and was mostly and commonly used to cut bones. 

This eventually led to the mechanized chainsaw and it later on got adopted by the timber industry in the year 1905, which allowed this instrument to be applied for trees rather than its use on women while giving birth. Now, you know why were chainsaws made we hope that your doubts are all cleared and you get to know about this. You can also share this information with people who want to know.