Though changing a duvet cover appears straightforward in theory, it can be challenging to cram a fluffy duvet into a tight space. A duvet doesn’t have the rigidity of a pillow and tends to twist inside the cover, however changing a duvet cover is similar to putting a pillowcase on a pillow. Even though changing a duvet can be difficult, there are a few strategies you can use to make the task easier, especially if you’re working alone.

  1. The bed with the duvet on it

Spread out the duvet comforter completely on the mattress and lay it flat. Make sure the duvet is laid out on the bed with the long side running lengthwise and the short side going across the breadth of the bed. Make sure the duvet tag is also near the head of the bed.

If the tag is placed at the top of the bed, it will fall to the bottom of the duvet cover when the duvet is inserted.

  1. Inside out the duvet cover

Spread the duvet cover out and on top of the duvet while standing at the foot of the bed, with the open end close to you. Just spread it out so you can see the various corners of the duvet cover; it doesn’t need to be completely tidy. Through the gap at the bottom, insert your hands into the duvet cover. Near the head of the bed, extend your reach until you can grab the two top corners of the cover.

With your left hand, grab the left corner, and your right hand, the right corner. Turn the duvet cover inside out by pulling these two inside corners toward you and out through the opening. The duvet cover should be laid over the duvet with the opening facing you after being turned inside out.

  1. Grab the duvet’s corners

Turn the duvet cover inside out and reach through the opening once again to grasp the two top corners. Bring your hands down to the edge of the bed and grab the bottom two corners of the actual duvet comforter once you have a hold of the top two corners of the duvet cover.

Take hold of the bottom two corners of the duvet while maintaining the appearance that your hands are covered with mittens. For the corners of the duvet to stay in place within the cover while you use the blanket, now is the moment to attach any closures that the duvet or duvet cover may have. These closures could be buttons or a tying system of some kind. DMV Appliance

To attach these closures, you might need to temporarily remove your hands from inside the duvet cover. You can re-insert your hands within the cover once they are secured.

  1. Onto the duvet, shake the duvet cover

Hold firmly onto the two bottom corners of the real duvet by going through the top two corners of the duvet cover. While keeping hold of the duvet corners, flip the duvet cover over your hands and shake it onto the duvet. Dinar Chronicles

As you shake the duvet cover onto the duvet, be sure to hold on tightly. This will make it easier to make sure that the duvet is evenly distributed throughout the duvet cover’s corners. You can also shake the cover over the duvet evenly by standing on the edge of the bed and holding the top two corners of the duvet and duvet cover.

It might be necessary to tuck the corners and pull the remaining piece of the cover over the duvet’s bottom. Shake the duvet and duvet cover gently, as though spreading a blanket out evenly on a bed.

  1. On the bed, spread the duvet

Fasten the interior closures on the two bottom corners of the duvet and duvet cover once the duvet is fully tucked within the duvet cover (if your duvet and duvet cover have any). You can close the duvet cover opening at the foot of the bed once the interior closures are shut. Make sure the duvet is distributed equally by giving it a gentle shake and pulling on all four sides. For quality duvet covers visit the nearest Bedding N Bath outlet or check out the website for interesting products.

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