Top DJs in Melbourne don’t just wake up one day and find themselves famous and appreciated. It is a journey that starts from the bottom. Before you get fans, you have to start like a fan. You should be able to appreciate musicians and other top DJs. You should be ready to mix music for free just to get exposure. And your personality will determine whether you will be successful or not. Here are some important things you must know about being a top DJ.

Getting work experience

You will never learn anything in your bedroom. You have to get out and get some experience. It is obvious that you won’t get a single gig without experience but you can help someone else. Make DJ friends and learn from them. Most successful DJs will tell you that they started off being just some errand boys for other DJs. That is how you learn. Even in war, you must be a squire before becoming a night. That is just some food for thought for you.

Don’t be in too much hurry

No one gets born a DJ. You have to make yourself a DJ. You have to believe in yourself before someone else believes in you. At first, you will suck, but that is how it is. You will get negative criticism but remember critics are also fans. For you to become a successful Melbourne DJ, you have to listen to other people’s songs a lot and know what most people want.

Focus on your music collection

Club residencies, gigs and parties come and go but a DJ should have the best music collections at all times. You should have both old-school jams and the latest hits. Make sure you throw some upcoming artist’s songs once in a while to get the crowd unawares.

Work hard

You must work hard and update your skills. Learn how to use new software and try to play some unique tricks. People will start appreciating you and with time, you will have a loyal fan base. You should go an extra mile and bring something rare to the table.

Be Presentable

I have known a lot of DJs who became famous because of their looks. Believe me, in showbiz, not everyone who becomes successful is the best but you have to utilise your best features and market yourself with them. If you are a good speaker, rock the crowd by speaking once in a while. That is how people will know you. If you notice that people appreciate you more in a particular type of dress code, give them more of it.

Age doesn’t matter

Being a DJ is not about age. Whether you are young or old, you have a chance to be a big fish. There are top DJs in Melbourne of different ages and the fans are not even interested in knowing DJs’ age. What fans want is a DJ who can enable them to have a nice time. If you think you are still too young, then use that to your advantage and let people call you the best youngest DJ.