When buying a new vape kit, there is always a fear of short circuits or volts being too low and giving you a flavorless hit. You need a Surge protection device similar to what you have installed in your houses to regulate the current flow through high voltage appliances. In the blog, you will learn about  Variable wattage box mods and how they can ensure that your Vape session doesn’t run low on power.

How do Variable Wattage Mods work?

They work by essentially adjusting the voltage or wattage of your vape pen. An embedded microprocessor installed in one of these mods provides a wide variety of variable settings—ensuring maximum safety features and optimizing the battery life, atomizer resistance, etc.

In more technical terms, a Variable Wattage box mod regulates the flow of current from the positive side of the battery to the negative. It will cut off the current at various intervals if it gets too overloaded or compensates for low current by communicating with an embedded microprocessor in a vape pen.

A guide to Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mods

A Variable Wattage box mod is a battery-powered vaping device that regulates its output power and allows adjustment of its output power in two ways:

What are the various Benefits of VV/VW Mod

Flexibility and Convenience:

You can quickly change the voltage of your vape pen and optimize it for a variety of atomizers. Regulate it further with different OHms resistance, coil material types, and the length of wire.

Control the heat generated by the Coils.

By controlling the electric output using Variable Wattage box mods, you can fine-tune the amount of heat generated by the coils. It gives you the ability to change the output and flavor of your vape session. Running low on E-juice lowers your voltage throughput to avoid getting dry hits.

Safety Features of VV/VW Mod

Variable Wattage Mods gives you a wide variety of safety features that ensure that your vaping session is protected with

  • Thermal protection in case the device starts overheating,
  • Charge protection in case of a sudden increase in electric throughput.
  • Resistance protection ensures that an atomizer doesn’t fire too much voltage on a wire with either high Ohms or low ohms.
  • Ensure that your device is fully locked to prevent accidental fires.
  • The smoke you vape while being charged with the USB Passthrough feature.

User facing features of VV/VW Mod

Variable Wattage box mods provide you with options to see various settings and control how the vape operates. Some of the features are

●     Display Ohm resistance of Atomizer

●     Display the remaining charge left

●     Display the voltage throughput and set the limits.

  • Display voltage load in real-time.


You have learned about Variable Wattage box mods and why it is essential to buy this accessory. Ensure your vape sessions are enjoyable with complete control over the temperature and flavor of e juice. This safety mod also gives you complete protection from any short circuit and keeps the juice flows.