If you are one of those homeowners who are extremely passionate about upgrading their house and trying new things for their interior, then you have landed on the right blog. Here, I am going to talk about a beautiful fairytale inspired kitchen decoration that would surely remind you of your childhood days. According to many interior decorators, this particular décor has the ability to reduce stress as well, because the color combination provides a very peaceful, relaxing, and tranquil ambience.

And, do you know what the best part about this decor is? Well, this can make your small kitchen look much more spacious! So, if you have refrained from various kinds of unique kitchen decors just because of the square-foot, then don’t give any second thoughts when it comes to incorporating this theme.

Moderation in Kitchen Colors

The trick to this fairytale-inspired decor is the perfect balance between white and blue. You can use various shades of blue as well, in order to break the melancholy. Moderation is a must and that is why you need to plan it from beforehand. Think about a kitchen which has a lot of blue in it, or even a lot of white in it; trust me, it is not going to look good and the entire theme would be ruined! Gentle and well-thought-of contrasts would create just the perfect ratio.

Picking the Right Kind of White Cabinets

We all know the importance of a kitchen cabinet in decking up a kitchen area. Not only is it limited to the aesthetics of the kitchen space, but its utility is absolutely undeniable. While playing with this magical theme, make sure you pick the right antique white kitchen cabinets. Check various aspects like the shade of white, the style of the cabinetry and also the texture. If you feel that it will be unable to add charm to your kitchen, then ditch buying it and look for some other kind of white cabinets. It should also suit the style of your house interior, such as contemporary, stark modern or traditional.

The best part about white cabinetry is that they can make the area look really spacious and can add serenity to the ambience. Opt for the ones with glass doors, as this will do even more justice to the fairytale theme. If possible, get them customized from your retailer.

Choosing the Right Wallpapers

There are literally thousands of options out there from which, you can choose one. But, if you ask me, then I would suggest you to settle for sky blue, Cadet Blue or Celestial Blue wallpapers to give your kitchen a classic twist! You can even try wallpapers with quirky prints on color bases like Persian blue or denim blue. If you want something fun, airy and playful, then go for lighter shades of blue. They will be able to promote the effect of light and space in your kitchen nook. Also, choose the lighter hues if you happen to own a small kitchen.

The key is to keep the fairytale theme intact and if you ask me, then I would say that it is better to opt for lighter shades of this unique color family.

The Perfect Lights

Last but not the least, pick beautiful lights that would go perfectly with the theme and would enhance the beauty of the kitchen even more. From the pretty chandeliers to the accent pieces, you can pick any lights as long as it is saying “Hi!” to you. Do not settle for anything that is not welcoming you at the first look itself.

So, now that you know it all, hopefully, you will be able to combine these two colors and reinforce freshness into the busiest corner of your house. This fresh, clean and absolutely soothing color scheme will surely help you incorporate the “most wanted” theme of the year. And yes, do opt for a dramatic countertop in order to break the monotony. To know about discount bathroom vanities, keep following my blogs.