The world is raging towards speed and internet. The internet has surrounded us from the time we get up from sleep to the time to go to the bed! We feel a sheer void when it comes to internet-less life. With the Google, Facebook and Instagram at our side, dependence on the internet has reached its highest position and not seeming to fall down any sooner. Since the world is going forward, we tend to obtain everything sitting in our room, surfing the internet. We have all the knowledge with Google, have our food delivered at home with online booking and even give online exams! In this dependability, an hour without internet can shatter all our plans and ruin our productivity. So, what’s the way out?

Psiphon Handler is the answer with an astounding offering to use the internet without having an internet connection! This is an application that offers the latest invented Psiphon technology which is an Open Source Internet Censorship Circumvention that brings the blend of secure communication and obfuscation technology like VPN (Virtual Private Network), SSH(Secured Socket Shell), and HTTP Proxy into play.

Inventors have fundamentally come up with Psiphon to support the countries which are pondered as the “enemies of the Internet”! Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto initially developed the concept of Psiphon 1.0 under the previous web proxy software systems like Safe Web and Anonymizer. In 2007, PsiphonInc showed up as an independent organisation.

At the moment, Psiphon has three open source software projects that seem separate but are related eventually.

  • X is a cloud-based run-time tunnelling structure.
  • X is a cloud-based secure proxy structure.
  • X is not run by PsiphonInc anymore but it was the authentic home-based server software.

Psiphon Handler:

The application developed by PsiphonInc is one of the most reliable sources of the internet users who have run out of data balance or wi-fi connections! You don’t even need a computer to run the application as the application is compatible with your Smartphone as well. You can find the application on Google Play Store with an astounding 1 million downloads all over the world that advocates the effectiveness of the app.

Not only free internet, the cherry on the cake is – you can get access to the sites which are blocked by secure Wi-Fis. So, now you can enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection with the access to the blocked ISPs.

With this application, you will be able to surf the internet through a certain browser that can perform a little slowly but is reliable as you can browse with an anonymous identity and access every restricted content that is not considered illegal.

Advantages of the application are huge as it seems from the above description. Following are the benefits considered by individuals.

  • Access to Open Internet – Unrestricted access to the restricted websites
  • Single Click Access – Get a single click access after registering with the app.
  • Secure Tunnel – Circumvention is the main motto of Psiphon and the secure tunnel throughout the app is the proof.
  • High Speed – Psiphon automatically connects to the fastest server available at your location.

But the most advantageous part of Psiphon Handler is the cultural and literary development in those countries which are still in the darkness of illiteracy and underdevelopment. With this app, they get their cultural development and their freedom.

The above advantages have made this app the foremost choice of every individual all across the globe. People from different countries and different cultures are downloading the app and using it for their respective motives. Who doesn’t want to get a high-speed internet that costs nothing? So, switch to Psiphon Handler today.