Pursuing a human resources management career is a dream for many prospective business professionals. Human resource management graduates are among the highest-paid professionals in the business domain. According to Glassdoor, human resource managers (NOC 0112) make between CAD 28.85 per hour and CAD 70.51 per hour in Canada. An entry-level human resource manager in Canada’s Toronto earns CAD 70,000 annually.

Working as a human resource manager is both lucrative and challenging. You will get opportunities to interact with people and influence them. You will be in a position to develop people around you and bring changes to their lives. In addition, you will have the potential to earn an above-average salary. If truth be told, human resource management is one of the most rewarding careers in the business management domain.

Before you apply to a human resource management program, you must learn the benefits of studying the course in 2022. Below we have compiled the top five reasons why you need to sign up for a human resource management course.

  1. Flexibility to work across various industries


Regardless of its shape and size, every business requires human resource managers to hire the best talent for their organization. HR managers encourage others to work with their organization and contribute significantly to its growth. As there is a high demand for HR professionals in every sector, they have the flexibility to work in the spectrum of industries, such as IT, consultancy, hospitality, and others.


  1. Access to competitive salary packages


Earning a human resource management course boosts the salary of prospective HR managers. In fact, salary is no bar for skilled and experienced HR professionals in countries like Canada. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the overall human resources managers’ employment will grow by 10% by 2030. As HR professionals are in high demand globally, employers offer higher salaries to attract the best talent.


  1. Job security


Higher demand is synonymous with job security. As per the BLS report, about 73,400 job openings for HR managers have been projected annually over the decade. Working without HR managers is challenging for any organization, so these professionals are here to stay to manage the workforce.


  1. Gain transferrable skills


Pursuing a human resource management course improves your career by equipping you with in-depth business acumen and valuable transferrable skills, such as effective communication, relationship-building, decision-making, organization, interpersonal, presentation, problem-solving, logical, critical thinking, strategic thinking, teamwork, analytical thinking, project management, and time management.


  1. Climb the career ladder


HR managers have a better understanding of the corporate ladder. They have insights into the industry’s current trends, regulations, and development. Therefore, advancing their career is relatively easy compared to other management professionals. At the same time, there are umpteen opportunities available for HR professionals in the global labor market.

Studying human resource management is a better return on investment. Students can explore top business schools in Canada to apply for the course. Browse now!