Is it possible to extend the life of an electric bicycle? Yes. And easy. We have bad habits that make our VMPs not last as long as they should when only we are responsible for their maintenance.

Taking care of the battery, checking the wheels and brakes or properly washing your e-bike, are things that we can all do. From Hovsco, we have made a list of 5 tips to extend the life of your electric bicycle.

Take care of your electric bike battery

First of all, always try to use the manufacturer’s charger. Secondly, when you charge it, please connect the battery first, then connect it to the mains. If you unplug it, unplug the charger first and the battery last.

If you have a new electric bike, remember to charge it before using it. It also prevents the battery from being completely discharged. Some can deteriorate when running out of power. On the contrary, excess load is just as damaging. If you are clueless or sleepy… do not charge it at night.

Do not forget the worst enemy of batteries: extreme temperatures. We recommend that you do not expose your ebike for a long time to very high heat or cold.

Check the wheels and brakes of your ebike

Maintenance is just as important on a regular bike as it is on an electric one. Periodically check the condition of the tires and change the covers when they are worn. Check the pressure and tightness of the spokes.

As for the brakes, you have to be vigilant. Check the tension of the lever from time to time and adjust the tensioners next to it.

Check the electrical system of your electric bike

The electrical system of your e-bike is designed to last but don’t leave everything to chance. It contributes to its maintenance. If something goes wrong, don’t be silly. The most advisable thing is that you go to the technical service to give you the most correct solution. Avoid manipulating the electrical system of your bicycle yourself.

There are elements such as the controller, display, sensors or motor, which must be fixed in the store or in the workshop, and even more so if you still have a warranty.

Store your bike in a correct place

It may sound like bullshit but it isn’t. Storing your bike in the right place is one of the best ways to extend its life in good condition. Avoid leaving it outside if you can’t control the temperature. As we have commented throughout the post, extreme temperatures can deteriorate the paint. Protect it from the sun and humidity.

Ideally, store your electric bike indoors and in a safe place. We must prevent other objects from scratching or falling. For this, the ideal is a folding e-bike, which can be folded into 3 parts to store it comfortably and safely.

Properly wash your electric bike

Before washing your bike you must remove the battery and protect the controller. It’s okay to get it wet, the electric bike is designed to withstand moisture, but you have to be careful.

Of course, do not wash your bike with pressure or steam jet, control yourself. All you need is a bucket of water and a soft cloth, brush or sponge that does not damage the paint.

How to clean an electric bike

Owning an e-bike is fun, but not so much when it comes to washing it. It’s not something that takes a lot of time, but if you do it wrong, you can screw it up. Cleaning an electric bicycle has it’s what and we explain it to you in this post.

To keep your e-bike clean it is not necessary to buy expensive tools. Look in your house, surely you will have water, some old brush and a degreaser. Of course, we recommend that you buy chain lubricant and some special shampoo for bicycles. On the other hand, make sure that you have read the manual of your bicycle, at least in the first washes. Perhaps there is something that you should take into account and you do not have it in mind.

Steps to wash your e-bike

  • Remove the battery and electronic elements. Before washing your electric bike it is very important that you remove the battery and the screen from the motor. If you can’t, protect it with a plastic bag.
  • Wash your bike with water. Use a bucket or hose to do this, but don’t apply too much pressure. Remember that it is dangerous since it can damage the bearings and remove grease from parts that are not visible.
  • Use whenever possible specific detergent. They are made not to damage either the plastics or the sealed joints. Likewise, you can always use conventional soap if it is not too aggressive.
  • Scrub with a sponge or brush to remove any dirt. Clean the frame, the pedals, the wheels and the area where the engine is located, carefully. A lot of dirt accumulates there.
  • Clean the transmission. Use a degreaser on the chain, cassette, chainrings and rear derailleur to keep your ebike running properly.
  • Clean the remains. When you finish applying the degreaser, let it go for a few minutes and then remove the excess with a damp cloth.
  • Check operation after washing. Is the battery inserted correctly? Does the screen work properly? Be sure and do not take surprises.
  • Use the original charger: Using fast chargers is a mistake. Electric scooters can be charged with different chargers and some people choose to use fast chargers to reduce the charging time. These generate heat in the battery (and we are reiterating that heat affects scooter batteries) and lithium batteries are very sensitive to temperature changes. Likewise, lithium batteries are advisable since they are the lightest on the market and last for many years, which is why they are the ones that all Hovsco ebikes carry.

Follow these steps to properly clean your electric bike. Maintaining your electric fat tire bike is important so that it lasts for many years, as is keeping in mind how often you should wash your e-bike. If you do routes in which you dirty it a lot, wash it after use. If you use it for a walk when you see some accumulated dirt. Just use common sense.