As soccer is one of the most favorite games worldwide, most football fans are turning to Reddit to search online liver streams of world cup games that cannot be accessed freely in the country. Soccer streaming consists of 250,000 subscribers on the social news site with increasing popularity during the year’s important matches.

Interestingly, Google searches for Reddit world cup soccer streams listed on the top during the World cup semi-final match between Belgium and France compared to the searches for Donald Trump.

Illegal feeds

The majority of the illegal feeds have also been posted to the soccer streams already warned by cybersecurity, causing danger for people watching them. Also, Reddit did not reply to the request for comments about illegal online streaming links popping on its website. On the other hand, viewers have already agreed on viewing the pirated version through the website user agreement.

Reddit soccer streams are banned.

This can be one of the shocking news for soccer fans. The Reddit soccer streams have been banned, preventing them from watching online streams for future matches. This was done when Reddit soccer streams got a warning from a premier league team regarding the copyright issue.

But, there is good news for all soccer fans because the internet has several alternatives for them to watch soccer streams.

Trusted Platform

Soccer streams were considered as one of the most trusted platforms for receiving and sharing high-end quality streams for the viewers. Additionally, it was considered as a dam for the football fans, enthusiasts, and lovers.

Moreover, there have always been links of all the league matches regardless of where the match is taking place. At least one link is always there for online streaming of the match for its users.


The popularity of soccer streams increased during the FIFA world cup in 2018. Whereby more than one million people were online at that time every day to watch live streaming.


3 best alternatives to Reddit soccer streams:

Here are some of the best alternatives for Reddit soccer streams.

  1. SoccerStreams69

This alternative is best for people who want to be updated regarding the football on Reddit. Links of the live streaming are usually posted on the page before each match. SoccerStreams page is not as big as the Reddit soccer stream page. Hence it has no potential to cover all the matches, especially Asian matches. Similar to Soccer Streams, you will be given ace streams links and some direct links for all the popular matches from SoccerStream69.

Keeping in mind that this is not a permanent fixture because the Reddit moderators are already hunting such channels. 

  1. RedditSoccer

This page is another alternative for Reddit, which allows access to streaming links before each match. Currently, the page has only 10,000 subscribers, unlike SoccerStreams had in the past. Furthermore, 1000 members are online every time on this page. This page uses P2P technology similar to the above-mentioned alternative. Meaning, if there is a stable network connection, you might not face any inconvenience.

  1. RedSoccer

After the banning of SoccerStreams, RedSoccer happened to be one of the few alternatives that spring up to entertain football sports viewers. There are only a few subscriptions on the page. The subscribers work great at serving important links before the match. Unlike other alternatives, RedSoccer has some rules set to follow. These rules are set to make the links more interesting and work.


Everything does not last forever, and nor does SoccerStreams. It is not even likely to come back in the future, so it is highly recommended to seek other alternatives mentioned above. And for that purpose, we have provided you with three important alternatives.