According to recorded history, people wore slippers as early as the 12th century.

However, they have evolved from household footwear to fashion statements. It has become very common to see celebrities, on social media and news, going about their day in a pair of chic yet comfortable slippers. After all, they do give you a break from confining shoes and painful heels.

Moreover, you can find a suitable pair for every season, occasion, and surface. The cozy slippers keep your feet warm and snug in winters, and the open ones allow your feet to breathe in the sweltering heat. There are festive slippers for Christmas and moccasins for casual lunches. If your house has slippery floors, non-slip soles are great as they offer enhanced grip.

There are numerous factors to consider when buying new slippers. The following guide can help you choose a pair that is perfect for you:


Slippers appeared in the west during the 15th century. Due to their incredible evolution throughout the ages, slippers are one of the most versatile footwear. They come in various forms, styles, and shapes, designed to suit your every need. Hence, we have listed down the most popular types of loungewear for your feet to make the buying process a little easier for you:

Open-heel slippers:

These shoes do not have a backing for the heel but cover the front of the foot for warmth and protection. Also referred to as slip-on, most people traditionally use them around the house as they are constructed with soft material for maximum comfort.


A fancy name for close backed slippers; this stylish footwear encloses your entire feet to prevent them from slipping out. You can use them indoors or outdoors, depending on the sole. Initially, moccasins had soft soles that made them comfortable but non-durable. The current models have rubber soles that offer longevity and better grip.

Slipper boots

Shaped like boots, they are very plush and cozy. These booties are made from various materials such as fleece, sheepskin, knit fabrics, and suede, so they are ideal for chilly weather. You can even wear them outdoors since they often have a hard sole.


Primarily used as the summer wardrobe essential, they are open from the front and back. They provide ample cushioning for your feet as they employ soft rubber and occasionally fabric soles.


Slippers should feel luxurious. High-quality materials are often a suitable choice, as they are soft and durable. Furthermore, base your choice on the usual temperature of your feet. Opt for a warm fabric if your feet are often cold or a breathable material if you tend to sweat. Here are some options for you:


It is the best option for footwear that is stylish yet comfortable. Leather slippers offer durability, flexibility, and are very strong. They are lightweight and, thus, perfect for everyday wear. Moreover, leather is also breathable, so they work well for people with sweaty feet to prevent odor buildup.


Wool slippers are versatile in their functionality. They are warm and cozy in winters while cool and breathable in summers. Furthermore, they offer longevity and flexibility to withstand daily wear and tear.


Sheepskin makes for extremely warm slippers, so they are best suited for winters. They provide excellent insulation and are breathable; thus, your feet do not feel clammy.

Felted wool:

These slippers are soft and thick, providing support and warmth. They have incredible wicking and insulating properties. Therefore, felted wool slippers keep your feet nice and toasty. Their sole tend to wear out fast until reinforced with a more robust material. You can also wear them outside for short periods as they are stain and water-resistant.


Cotton makes an excellent choice for slippers. It is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and very comfortable. However, it tends to absorb moisture and becomes damp and heavy very quickly. Therefore, it is not suitable if you are prone to have sweaty feet.


The primary purpose of slippers is to provide relaxation and solace to your feet after a long day at work. Therefore, you need a moment of deliberation to choose the correct size. You might be inclined to buy slippers in the same size as your shoes. While it may work well generally, it is always better to keep a few things into consideration when purchasing the right size.

If you plan to wear socks with the slippers, it is better to pick a bigger size, so your footwear does not feel too tight. When ordering online and unable to try the shoes for the perfect fit, read the description provided on the website carefully. Some companies recommend buying a size up or size down depending on the construction of the slippers.

Final thoughts

Slippers are the ultimate reward for your feet after they have carried you around for the entire day. Therefore, you need to invest in a pair that fits your requirements perfectly. They should provide maximum comfort, should feel luxurious, and offer support in the right places.