Here are five ways on how to boost customer trust in your trades service business:

  1. Building Trust With Customers 

By keeping open communication channels between you and your customers, you can build trust. There are some questions you can ask yourself about your business at this time. These include asking yourself whether your trades service business offers emergency work, whether you offer prompt service, and whether you’re accessible.

This becomes necessary as you could be competing against other trades forex HeatMap businesses in the area. As you’re likely to offer similar prices as services as your competitors, knowing where you can offer more can help you. If you aren’t sure about what kind of services can enhance customer experience, you can ask them directly.

Sending out surveys on potential customer pain points to old customer can help them point out potential issues to you. You can also ask about the kind of services they might like to see included. If enough people point you in a certain direction, you can consider their requests.

  1. Responding To Your Customers 

How you interact with your customers will also have a say in boosting customer trust. To appear trustworthy before your customers, you can think about appearing professional at all times. Consider teaching your team about workplace behavior as well. Teaching them basics of customer service can also help them deal with customers on their own.

You can also having a customer service team. Essentially, your customer should be able to get in touch with you easily. Aside from providing your address and contact details, consider adding a work email address as well. You can also add social media handles. Adding these to your business collaterals, like business cards, brochures, website and even your transportation van, can help you build brand recognition.

  1. Reviews and Testimonials 

More and more customers are turning to online resources and search engines to find trades service professionals near them. Before they choose which trades service business they want to work with, they first look through online reviews and testimonials.

Some of these are available through online review sites, while you can also provide testimonials from your customers. You can do this by asking clients you’ve worked for to leave behind a review. You can also include this in your after sales support. That way, your customers feels as if you value their opinion on the work you’ve done.

  1. After Sales Support 

Don’t stop contact with your clients immediately after finishing your work. Instead, consider staying in touch through an email list, newsletters etc. You can ask them to sign up for your newsletter, and say that they can receive information and tips in your trades service.

You can also send surveys and ask for their reviews as well. By providing after sales support, you help the customer feel that they can reach out to you if there is an issue. They are also more likely to reach out to you if they have a problem related to your trade.

  1. Building an Online Reputation 

Your online reputation can help you generate leads. At the same time, existing and potential clients may also search for your business online. When this happens, ideally they wouldn’t want to see negative reviews or find no information.

A website as well as social media business accounts can help you. Aside from posting and sharing testimonials, you can also create other kinds of content. You can create a blog for your website. You can also consider making videos on information related to your industry. ‘How to’ guides are popular forms of video content.

If you’re building an email list, then sending mailers with informative content can help you boost customer trust as well.


Boosting customer trust can help you expand and grow your business. Not only are customers who trust you more likely to be loyal as well, they can also generate word of mouth marketing. As long as you develop a good customer management strategy and focus on enhancing Customer experience, you can build trust.

Focus on how areas you want to develop customer experience in, and consider the buyer’s journey. You can also consider public liability insurance for trades service businesses. If you want to learn more, you can click here.