Alcohol is an easily accessible and addictive drink in life. Some people drink a sip of wine before going to bed, and many people eat chicken and they drink alcohol with it as a tonic in winter. In fact, the addiction process of most alcoholics (Alcoholism) starts with a gradual increase in the amount of alcohol, until the red light on health, it is already difficult to quit.

Health risks of excessive drinking

Excessive drinking can increase the risk of cancer and other diseases, such as liver disease, pancreatitis, brain damage, severe memory loss, and hypertension. Alcoholism can also increase the incidence of domestic violence, child abuse, and Fetal alcohol syndrome (Fetal alcohol syndrome, which is a sequela caused by excessive alcohol consumption by pregnant women).

In addition to carrying out a professional plan, you may wish to add the following good habits or methods to your life. Scientific research has confirmed that this can indirectly help you to make your way to abstinence smoother:

  • Meditation; Quitting alcohol requires self-discipline and control. You can practice maintaining concentration through meditation. The drug rehabilitation centre in Pune is the best place where you can meditate peacefully. You can try to recite in your mind or repeat a positive thought, such as “I will lead a healthier life.” Another way is to let yourself imagine the feeling of successfully quitting alcohol. If you have successfully quit alcohol, you can also help by reminiscing about your feelings at that time.
  • Yoga; By practicing slow breathing and stretching, focusing on the power of the body’s muscles and the balance of movements, to help balance the body and mind. Studies have also found that yoga can relieve stress, enhance happiness, and indirectly help the discomfort caused by alcohol withdrawal.
  • Rehabilitation: A good alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune is a must-visit place for every alcohol-addicted person. Professional and expert doctors and psychiatrists are there to provide you proper medications and mental treatment. There are many alcohols and drug rehabilitation centre in Pune but you have to choose the best one to get relief from alcohol abuse. Often addicted people refuse to be cured from Alcoholism then it’s the responsibility of their family members to bring them to the alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune for their treatment and better future.
  • Nutrition counseling; Alcohol addiction can affect the nutritional status of the body. Almost all alcohol addicts have malnutrition. It is recommended that nutritional therapy can be used to improve the uncomfortable symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Having a healthy diet gives you more energy to resist the temptation of alcohol.
  • Light therapy; after alcohol withdrawal, the quality of sleep tends to deteriorate. People who have the habit of drinking alcohol are more likely to have this condition, and even insomnia. It exposes patients to bright artificial light when they are awake. This has double benefits for people who are addicted to alcohol. In addition to reducing depression, the probability of symptom occurrence can also help people establish a natural sleep cycle.