Your house should be able to reflect your style and personality. And, what can be a purer expression of your persona than customized photographs as a part of your home decor?

Decorating with photographs and frames of old pictures has been an old practice. If you visit your grandparents, you will be able to spot photo albums and frames decked up in the hallway. Massive family portraits hanging on the walls are gladly displayed for the guests and onlookers. Nostalgia is a big component of this kind of home décor.

With so many styles and types of photo gifts to choose from it is easy to get lost in the selection process. As well as being the perfect gift idea, photo items like canvas prints, photo blocks, and personalized folding screens also represent a great looking, fun, and very unique way to decorate your own home or to finish off a room with perfect accessories. Add color, style, and character to any room in your home with one of these personalized photo items.

  1. Photo canvas prints

Photo canvas prints are truly breathtaking. The woven canvas seems to really bring pictures to life while also offering excellent photo reproduction and color clarity. Stretched across a gallery grade frame with spacers inserted, the photo canvas print will last for many years to come too so you can continue to enjoy the personalized print as long as you want to. Placing these canvases on dining rooms and living spaces can help you spark up a conversation with your dinner guests.

  1. Multi canvas prints and triptych

Why settle for just one canvas when you could have two, three, four, or more? Rather than choosing different pictures for each canvas or printing the same picture time and time again, why not choose a single photo and have it printed across a number of canvases to create a multi canvas display. A row of three canvases is called a triptych but you control the number and layout in order to create exactly the look that you want. Different photo artwork styles such as a comic book, retro and monochrome effect one beside the other give off a very healthy vibe. This decor piece will give your house the posh look you always crave for!

  1. Using a photo montage

Canvas prints can look extremely effective when they display a photo montage rather than a single picture and this gives you a great opportunity to show off even more of your best pictures. Try to stick to shots that are based on the same subject or are related in some way and bear in mind the size of the canvas you choose in order to enjoy the very best results from a photo montage. The placement of a photo montage is as essential as its finish. Display it in your den or man/woman cave. The montage should always be placed on a wall that is visible as soon as one enters the house. Placing these photo montages on the bathroom wall may be a bold choice and can be quite intriguing.

  1. Photo blocks and digital frames

Blocks and personalised photo frames (digital) can be displayed in any room of the house where there’s a flat surface. The free-standing photo block has one image printed directly onto it while digital frames use internal memory or memory cards in order to create a stunning, revolving display of literally thousands of pictures.

  1. Cushions, blankets, and cubes

Soft furnishing or accessories, like cushions, blankets, and photo cubes can all be personalised as well. Adding a picture to any of these items makes them even better looking and they’re all safe, comfortable, and made from high-grade materials to make sure that you enjoy using them as much as you are bound to enjoy looking at them.

  1. Folding screens and roller blinds

folding screens and roller blinds can make a real impact and have a big difference in a room. The folding screen is typically used to break up large expanses of space but it works equally well as a purely aesthetic addition to a room. Roller blinds, though most widely used in the kitchen or bathroom, can be added to any room to give it an extra appeal.

Be creative. That is the key to sprucing up and coming to terms with the decor that suits your personality.