SCP 096 will be housed within its cell, five m x five 5-m airtight steel cube always. Regular checks for holes or cracks are mandatory. There is to be no optical or video surveillance equipment of any kind within SCP-096’s cell. Security personnel will utilize installed pressure sensors and laser detectors in order to confirm SCP-096’s security within the cell. you should know what is SCP 001.

Any images, videos or recordings of SCP-096’s appearance are prohibited without the approval of Dr. #and O5-#.


SCP-096 is a humanoid being that measures roughly 2.38 meters tall. The subject is apathetic in muscles, with the initial examination of body weight suggesting mild malnutrition. Arms are out of proportion to all the remainder of body, and have approximately 1.5 meters for each. The skin is generally lacking in pigmentation, and there is no evidence of hairs on the body.

The jaw of SCP-096 opens up as much as four (4) times that of a human. Other facial features are similar to the human face, except for the eyes. They are without pigmentation. It’s not known whether SCP-096 has blindness or not. It does not show any evidence of any higher brain function and isn’t considered to be a sapient.

SCP-096 can be described as calm, with pressure sensors within its cells, which indicate that it is prone to spending the majority of its day in front of an eastern wall. But, if someone sees the face of SCP-096, whether it is directly, through the recording of video, or the use of a photo, it could reach a point of emotional stress. SCP-096 will be covered in hands, and then begin crying, screaming and babbling incoherently. In the range of 1 (1) up to (2) seconds after the first time it is viewed SCP-096 will begin to run towards the person who first saw its face (who will from now on be known in the form SCP096-1).

The speeds documented in the documents vary between 35 (35) km/h tokm/h. This appears to be influenced by the distance from SCP-096-1. There is no evidence that any material or technique will hinder SCP-096’s progression. The actual location of SCP096-1 is not a factor in the reaction of SCP-096; it appears to be aware of the location of SCP-096-1. Note that this reaction is not observed when you look at art depictions (see Document 096-1).

Once it is located at the SCP-096-1’s site the SCP-096 will end the life of and destroy SCP-096-1. The majority of cases are not left with any trace of SCP-096-1. SCP-096 is then able to rest for a while before regaining its vigor and becoming more docile. Then, it will attempt to return to its habitat [DATA REDACTEDSCP-096 will then

In the event of an unintended chain reaction that could lead to breaches of Foundation secrets and large civilian casualties and property, the rescue of the subject must be considered an Alpha priority. there are more SCP. like SCP 000, SCP 3812

Dr. #has also filed a petition to end SCP-096 immediately (see the interview 096-1). The petition is waiting for approval. The termination order was approved and will be implemented in the hands of the doctor.”###” on “DATA REDACTEDon [DATA REDACTED]. See Incident-096-1-A.