Hair perfumes is tricky business you ask yourself if it is the right thing to be using in your hair or should you just leave it bear and the answer to that is to not to use the regular perfume in your air as it makes the hair brittle and the roots weak that leads to hair fall. Since the market it filled with so many perfumes, fragrances and hair product it because quite a daunting task to choose something for your hair and be of it that it doesn’t risk the health of your hair.  Our hair strands tends to absorb the maximum amount of sweat that only goes away on washing but washing your hair regularly takes way the natural oil of the hair leaving them dry and frizzy so in order to omit the musky smell from your hair experts advise you either use a hair mist or a hair perfume there are countless hair mist and perfumes in the market.

How to apply Hair Mist:

The right way to apply hair mist in your hair is to shake the bottle well before you spray it that way you will activate the molecules in it and the fragrance will be escalated lift he roots of your hair and then spray it, gently message your hair after that and you will be ready to fight off any bad odor that comes with sweating. Hair mist has so many benefits the experts named it as a multitasked. When we count its beneficial properties it also acts as a dry shampoo and at the same time it has so many additional properties that make your hair healthy.

Here is a list of the hair lists and hair perfumes that you should try if you want your hair to smell amazing.

Oud hair mist by Souk Galleria:

Among the hair mist in Pakistan Oud hair mist by Souk Galleria is a pioneer. It is specially designed to give you a refreshing smell throughout the day and make you feel confident about yourself. It has a very light texture that leaves your hair with a fresh look without making your hair feel oily and greasy. With top notes of oud, middle notes of citrus and base notes of smell it gives you a very refreshing and fruity aura.

Musk Al Souk by Souk Galleria:

Another captivating scent created by souk galleria not only makes you and your hair smell good but with its beneficial properties makes your hair healthier and stronger with the notes of balsamic, smokey, leather, woody, and oud it gives a very edgy and intoxicating fragrance throughout the day.

Superstitious Hair Mist by Frederic Malle:

A fragrance filled with Jasmine, peach, vetiver and amber that will encapsulate you with refreshes throughout the day it is a timeless fragrance that is loved by the people over the time. It is impossible not to love this intoxicating perfume scent that not only makes your hair smell good but also makes you feel like confident due to the captivating aura it creates.

Candy Hair Mist by Prada:

This hair fragrance will make head turn words you. A long lasting perfume that does not ask for reapplication the caramel and white musk gives your hair a very rich scent. But then what can go wrong with parade this is a classic scent that will make your hair smell amazing.

Tocca Stella Hair Fragrance:

It is not only a hair scent build also provide moisturizing your hair and makes them feel light too tooca is celebrated for it line of perfumes so of course Stella being the hair fragrance is also exceptionally well. The blood orange, sandalwood and freesia makes it feel like a fiery and pungent scent but it is not tough of your smelling scene and makes neutralizes the sweating smell.

Silk Perfume by Balmain:

This perfume is not just a scent but also acts as a hair conditioner and moisturizer it is because of the Aragon oil and protein present in it that it makes your hair stronger and thinker it strengthens the roots so apart from a hair fragrance this can be used in many alternating way. With its extremely distinguishing odor it makes you smell good and adds heath to your hair as well.

Rue St. Honoré Eau de Parfum by Ouai:

Since Ouai has a well acknowledged line of hair product there this specific hair perfume is no different it is a string of floral scents, gardenia and a base of white musk, jasmine, violet blossoms and amber.

Black Opium Hair Mist by Saint Laurent:

Many of us know this fragrance from the perfume which has the same name now here is the hair mist coffee, patchouli, orange, and blossom are the same notes that are used in the synthesis of the original fragrance but this hair fragrance has Aragon oil it which makes the roots of your hair strong it creates a thin sheath around your hair that protects your hair from UV rays.