Vitamin C, an antioxidant-rich vitamin, is one of the most important nutrients required by our body. The vitamin plays a significant role in aiding for a body’s proper, healthy functioning. However, this essential vitamin is not naturally produced by our body and has to be obtained from natural sources like citrus or multivitamins like Ultra Vitamin C.

Thus, if you are juggling with the decision of whether you should start daily consumption of Vitamin C, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will highlight the 7 benefits of Vitamin C, helping you determine whether to start taking it regularly.

 7 Health Benefits Of Taking Vitamin C

1.Can Help In The Reduction Of Risk Of Chronic Disease

Studies have shown that daily consumption of Vitamin C can help your body fight against chronic diseases. While it is not proven to have completely eradicated any chronic disease, it does help to fight against it. The powerful antioxidants present in Vitamin C can help boost our immunity system, increasing our body’s defenses against the free radicals of chronic diseases.

2. Can Help In The Reduction Of Risk Of Heart Diseases

Studies have shown that with the daily consumption of Vitamin C, people have a lower risk of heart diseases. Heart diseases are caused due to several factors like high blood pressure, low levels of good HDL cholesterol, or a high rate of bad LDL cholesterol. Vitamin C helps to bring down high rates of LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure while boosting the rates of HDL cholesterol. Thus, it improves the body’s overall health condition and helps reduce its risk of heart diseases.

3.Helps In The Stimulation Of Collagen Synthesis

Collagen is a form of protein that is found in our body and is essential for maintaining and improving connective tissues in the organs of our body as well as in nails, hair, and skin. The consumption of Vitamin C is necessary to help our body produce collagen. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen in a regulated manner. This production in turn leads to a healthier body and younger-looking skin. An adequate amount of collagen in our body also ensures faster healing from wounds.

4.Helps In Better Body Functioning

Vitamin C is extremely important for the proper regulation of our body functioning. This happens because Vitamin C interacts with the other essential vitamins and minerals especially iron, helping them work towards the improvement of our health.

For example, iron helps in the growth and development of our body along with its capability of delivering oxygen throughout and even helps in the production of certain hormones. Vitamin C ensures that our body can absorb iron properly from multivitamins or natural food sources. This leads to an increase in iron in our body and leads to our body’s improved functioning.

 5.Improves Immunity System

Vitamin C is a necessary vitamin when it comes to the proper functioning as well as improvement of the immunity system of our body. It helps to protect our immunity system against potential tissue damage, any oxidative stress, and also helps the system in killing harmful microbes. While Vitamin C cannot essentially protect you against contracting any diseases, it can help your system fight better against said disease and help you recover faster than before.

 6.Can Enhance Brain Function

Vitamin C can help us improve our brain functions by helping in cognitive function as well as neurotransmitter synthesis. Neurotransmitters are essential for delivering commands from the brain to the rest of our body to ensure its proper functioning. Studies have shown that people with more consumption of Vitamin C had better functioning of neurotransmitters which led to a healthier brain function.

 7.Can Help Fight Against Cancer

Vitamin C cannot stop any chronic diseases like cancer from entering your body. However, it can help your body reduce the risks of contracting these diseases. Researches have shown that having a Vitamin C-rich diet has helped people reduce the risk of some types of cancer. However, a healthy balanced diet was also necessary to reduce these risks.

Studies also show that Vitamin C has helped chemotherapy and radiation to work more effectively in one’s body. But this was applicable only when the patient took extra-high amounts of Vitamin C. Thus if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation and looking for ways to help its effect with Vitamin C, we suggest talking to your doctor before starting.


Thus we can see that Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that can help improve our body health. Since it is not made by our body naturally, we need a steady supply of Vitamin C from natural sources like citrus or from multivitamins like Ultra Vitamin C. we hope that this article provides you with an insight into the benefits of Vitamin C and encourages you to consume this vitamin daily.