Developing and keeping to an excellent oral care routine is the best means to avoiding tooth decay. A proper routine ensures excellent oral hygiene which is best for keeping tooth decay far off. It does not require that you must try any fancy things. Just maintaining the basics will be sufficient. Brushing twice daily, regular checkups and teeth flossing are among the basic things you need do. Here are some of the prevention steps your dentist might recommend.

  • Topical fluoride: Using powdered fluoride on tooth surface prevents decay. This is because it strengthens the enamel with the fluoropatite it forms.
  • Dental sealants (fissure sealants): These are applied to the chewing surface of all the molar teeth (which are probably at the highest risk of decaying from among all your teeth according to an expert, reliable tooth doctor in Scarborough) in your dentition. This is because the sealants are quite effective in preventing plaque formation around your gums. This procedure is mostly done on and especially effective for children.

Tooth decay treatments

When it comes to treating tooth decay, it’s vital to establish whether particular habits are at the root. The causes can then be checked to avoid further occurrences. Some treatment methods include filling which involves using a restorative material to replace irrecoverable decayed tooth. The process sees the decayed portion of the tooth being removed and filled with the most suitable restorative material. RCT (Root Canal Treatment) is the second treatment method. It’s used when the decay has reached the nerves. In this procedure, the complete pulp is removed and filled with inert material before being sealed, with a cap applied in majority of cases.

These are the ways for avoiding tooth decay. If you consider how painful all oral challenges and tooth problems can be, then you will certainly understand that there are lots of benefits to visiting an expert dentist in Scarborough Ontario on a regular basis.