Did you know on an average people spend a sum total of 40 to 60 hours per week in their workspace?

But, whether you work from home or an office, it is crucial to always feel comfortable in the workplace. Also, a comforting and inviting office space not only tends to increase the productivity levels and efficiency of employees, but it boosts their morale as well.

Before getting into details, let’s go through a few of the important things, which could help you enhance your work atmosphere.


Ideally, you workplace must have loads of window for natural light. Nevertheless, as that is not always possible you can at least try to maximise whatever lighting is there in the office, as well as add some task lighting.

Perhaps, you could place a lamp on the desk. You can even consider using an overhead lighting along with the lamp. Maybe you have observed that you feel less lively and energetic during winters. This is simply due to lack of exposure to sunlight.

Sun boosts your mood and also increases your level of productivity. It is equally vital to get in some artificial lighting in your workspace so as to facilitate writing, reading and other such activities.

Good Storage Solution

A cluttered and messy workplace cannot be more inspiring and productive in comparison to a neat and tidy one. So, before you’re starting your assigned tasks for the day, ensure that you de-clutter your space and keep everything in its actual place.

To do that, all you need is a good storage and organisation system. Open shelves could be an amazing option, as they allow you to stock up and display items in places you can reach easily.

Drawers and cabinets are also a great option if you wish to hide certain stuff, which you aren’t using much. If at all you are working with files and documents, organise all of them by making use of a simple system. If there are loads of books in the office, a bookshelf would be an ideal option.

Make the Work space a Single Purpose Area

Do not mix up your personal life with the professional one. If you choose to work from home, you must pick up a spot, which you won’t use for anything else. Preferably, you must have a separate room to work, because other additional purposes will only distract you from working.

Likewise, by having a designated workplace, you organise and decorate it however you want to without worrying about anything else. It is good to set certain boundaries between personal and work life. at times, they get really very So, whenever you step into your office, it’s better to stop thinking about your house.

Get the Wires under Control

The moment we mention the word wires or refer to something technical, we thrust it upon the IT support team. But there is no need to disturb them for this small yet effective task.

It quite plausible that the wiring in your office can easily get out of control quickly, which at times can be really annoying. People often try ignoring this issue, but it only keeps on getting worse. So, it is better to look for a way out so as to organise them. One of the simplest solutions to it can be to tie them up under your desk.

However, if you really want to organised, then you could also label them. Always try to get rid of all the wires and cables that may possibly come into your way or inconvenience you in any other way while working. Another option could be to tape them to the side of your desk, otherwise look for a more creative way to organise them, say for example you could perhaps turn the cords into artwork.

Set a Comforting Temperature

The temperature in your workspace is very crucial. If the space is too hot, then you’ll be unable to focus properly. On the other hand, if the space is too cold, then it will not be productive and efficient in your work.

So, always set a temperature that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you do not have a separate office or if others may protest to that, then get a fan, portable air conditioner or a heater.

Personalize the Decor

It is vital to add a little dash of personal touch in the décor of the workplace. In this manner, it’ll make you feel more inviting and you’ll also be inspired when working. For that matter, you can try adding some inspirational poster or quotes. It’ll not only boost your mood but also improve your productivity. Try picking up something, which defines you or something that can get your brain moving.

You can even add other elements to your décor, like for instance; you could display a few personal images or simply select a calendar that you really like so as to put on the wall or on your desk. You can have a cork board and on that you can display both practical and decorative elements. The right rug can cheer up an entire room, so it could be a good option for your workplace. Once you put your creative hat on you realize that,the possibilities are endless.

Comforting Furniture

Of course, the most important thing to be comfortable and relaxed in your workplace is to have proper office furniture, which mainly includes a proper chair and desk. There are certain things, which you need to consider before you purchase these items.

For Chairs:

A comforting office chair always turns out to be a good investment. So, ensure that you know what you are actually looking for before you buy one. No matter what type of chair you purchase, see to it that it has a comfy cushion and if possible a breathable fabric.

A good chair must always have armrests, but one thing that needs to be considered is the level. An armrest must be low enough so that you can easily relax your shoulders on them and you’re able to bend the elbow at a 90 degree angle.

An important thing which is at times neglected is the adjustable back. So, make sure you have a good posture when you’re working and for that you’ll obviously require a chair, which can be adjusted, as per your needs.

For Desk:

Your desk is as important as the chair. So, when you’re going to purchase a new desk, you ought to take a few things into consideration. Everything must be set up in the right way and once all of the essential elements are properly organised, it is time for you to take care of them.

On your desk you must include only those things that you really require and ensure they’re easy to access. Do not clutter the work area with decorative stuff; rather display them on the way, which is in front of the desk where it’s visible.